Me and my nieghbor

My BF and I were going thru problems,so,finally took up my neighbors offer joining him in his hottub.And im not surprised at what happened,knowing the kind of man he is.He's 33,goodlooking,great body.Im 21,tanned,dark hair and petite.
Long story short,I went over to his with some beers in my bikini and we had a nice long soak and chat.
Then I said I needed fresh air as the beers and steam were getting to my head.He gave me a towel and I went to his bathroom and took off my bikini and put on the towel.
When I went out he was already in a towel,so i said how about you show me your place.He gave me a tour and the last room was his bedroom.He walked in and i followed.I was aware how hot i felt,i could feel sweat going down my body and the few beers i had made me not so shy.I admitted to myself,I was h****.
He gave me a look and nodded to the bed.I moved closer to it then sat down.Part of my towel unwrapped and my b****** were almost fully on show.He slowly pulled the rest of the towel away and uncovered all of me.He placed his hand under my chin and lifted my head up then kissed me on the lips.
He slowly pushed me back on the bed.He then got close to my face and we started kissing.I liked it,he was a good kisser.We kissed for awhile without him even touching me.Then with his mouth he made his way down my body,kissing and sucking my b**** and nipples.Then down along my tummy with his tongue.
I knew where he was going.He went along one thigh and back up,then down the other,kising,licking and sucking.
Then he got to my groin,just above my fun spot.And gradually went lower,till his lips were on my p****.He kissed and kissed then licked and licked and slowly worked his tongue up and down my lips until they parted and then his tongue slowly entered them and started exploring me.
He worked it around nice and slow.Going up and down and then in and out.Then he worked up the pace and gave my c*** some attention.He knew what he was doing because I was getting real close to o*****.So close i couldnt take it anymore.I lift my head up and said, get inside me now.
He didnt need telling twice.He stood up dropped his towel.I stared at his d***.It was fully erect and the biggest i've ever seen.Maybe 8 or 9 inches long and really thick,the veins were bulging out.
Before he could get on top of me i sat up and pulled him closer,saying where do you think you're going?He grabbed his c*** and rubbed it a few times.Then I started licking him up and down.I was gonna be quick as i was so h**** and i just wanted to wet him up a bit.But i took him in my mouth and sucked him for a few minutes.Then i laid back and we smiled at each other.He rubbed saliva into his d*** and i rubbed myself bringing some of my juices out onto my lips.
He spread my legs and got close to my.He put his d*** on my p**** rubbing in thru my lips with his bulging head.
I noticed my heart pounding as he started pushing his big purple head into my p****.I was a little tight but it slid in easily as i was so wet.He kept going and as he got halfway in me i felt a warm sensation deep inside my p**** all the way up and along the sides,it kept growing and i realized.Oh my god.I was cumin already.Well this was a first.I wrapped my arm round his neck and he pulled closer and he pushed the rest of his c*** in me.That was it,i was well and truly climaxing now.I held on to him tight as i let out a little moan and then i shut my eyes as the o***** took over my whole body.It lasted a little while and he asked if i was ok,i said gimme a sec.I caught my breath opened my eyes and looked at him and gave him a kiss.
I arched my back up and grinded into him.I'm ready again i said.He put his left arm under my neck and spread my legs wider by pinning my left thigh under his right arm.
Now I was nice and open he began a steady pace of thrusting in an out.I felt his full lenght leave me then quickly shoot back into me and i felt how damn hard he was too.Everytime he pushed back in the best feeling was his big head brushing past my c***.
He then put his other arm under my legs spreading me even more,im fairly flexible,so it was comfortable having my knees close to my chest.He started pounding me harder now.I'm not a girl who screams or moans loudly but i couldnt help it.The truly amazing feeling of him sliding in and out of me so hard and fast and watching it happen too was like no s** ive had before.I let out little screams and moaned so uncontrollably that i had to cover my mouth,he pulled my hand away and said he wants to hear me.
He pulled out,said on your knees.I obeyed,then he entered me again.He grabbed my hips and ploughed my p**** so hard i knew i would be cumin again soon.And he would be too,cuz he began to moan.Then the sensation was back,i was cumin,it lasted longer this time,he put me on my back again and entered me as he came,i felt his c** flow in me,he pushed deeper as he released even more.He pulled out,his c** poured out of me,so much of it.We kissed,cuddled and slept...

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  • Yes, you have a future in writing amateur p*** stories.

  • Love the story - very sexy, made me hard...


  • good story dude.

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