Would anyone want me afterwards

I am in relationship where I feel like everything I do is frustrating the other person... I have never loved some so much, but because of so many circumstances we can't be together now...
I am thinking if we break up would anyone would still want me, I have so much baggage now: cheated basically Infront of my eyes, given herpes, having depression...
I think I have given so much to be together, but it doesn't seem enough...

Next Confession

** for aunt

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  • I feel you . So no more fuckking relationships. Hire a **. Fuckk all night. ** her, cool off. Leave for the day. Back to work. Stay happy

  • Don't overthink this thing. It is so easy to get depressed. Be open to new experiences and attitudes. You might be very surprised how many people would love and appreciate you if you gave them the time and opportunity to grow into a relationship. You might be very helpful to others because of the traumatic experiences you have had. Consider the opportunities, be patient, and don't make the same mistakes twice. You mentioned have so much baggage. Start leaving that baggage at whatever bus you were riding, let that bus go down the road and start yourself on the road to a new opportunity.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ really appreciate your thoughts

  • Is a shame to feel how you feel, and to believe that there is little hope. But that is what the future is; it's the place where hope resides. Consider the likelihood of things changing --- for the better. -- where you are. Hold on to the hope of of that happening for as long as you can. When you can no longer do that, then go find hope elsewhere. Please don't imprison yourself in a place where you know happiness can't find you.

  • I will keep my hope as long as I can... Thank you for comment

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