Back in highschool me and my best friend used to have sneaky hookups from time to time, Started out in 9th grade as just kissing practice, Then a little exploration and led to touching, 10th grade was a slow progression, I had a boyfriend for a while then we broke up and around that time she started seeing a guy, We discussed a threesome but didn't happen, By the beginning of 11th grade we had upgraded to sharing a bed and doing solo but at the same time and "Helping" each other. Just a little nip play or neck nibbling, That sort of stuff to help each other finish but always kept it above the waist other than looking I don't remeber ever touching her down there before that.
About half way through 11th grade we were staying at her place while her parents were away and she made a proposal, something she had caught her sister doing a while before and never mentioned, The tub faucet trick which has become an all time favorite and still gets used to this day. I agreed to try it and we giggled as we headed to the bathroom, Being undressed in front of each other was obviously nothing new but since she had tried this multiple times it was more of a teaching situation for her and a learning one for me.
She started the tub, Got a few bubbles going and got in, I got in and sat in front of her and she instructed me to lay back with my head on her lap and slide under the water with my feet up on the wall, The whole situation was so silly we were giggling and laughing but when I slid under the water I stopped giggling and was like "Oh, Uh, Whoa" and she said "Right?".
so as she talked me through it and cupped my b**** pinching my nips for me I started to feel an o***** building and she slipped out from under me and popped the drain breaking the stream of water and that break then the water hitting again made me gasp, She was leaning over me and that was the first time she touched me below the waist, She reached down, Put two fingers on my v***** and spread my lips letting the water have full access to my c******* and I got my world rocked, I'd had o****** before but not like that and she watched the whole thing basically with one knee on each side of my head and her v***** right in front of my face with her fingers holding my lips open.
I was so post coital I was unable to do anything to help her but we switched places and she went all on her own while I made a feeble attemt to help with some nip play and after we went to her room and cuddled which was also new, The next day we woke up, Had breakfast and then she asked if I wanted to watch some...p***, This was before the internet was real big but I said sure and she pulled out a VHS tape, Yes I am dating myself here but we went downstairs, Closed all the blinds and watched an hour and a half of humongous c**** hammering hairly little vaginas and coming on girls faces and lots of girl on girl.
I had never seen a p**** before, However we had gotten quite worked up over it and we had begun a little make out session when she asked if she could go down on me. I was pretty crazy worked up by that point and said yes, then no, Then yes and finally she put her tongue on my v*****...OK...New, Exciting, Scary and broke every rule I had set out for how we would progress. I had started seeing a guy casually shortly before this all happened and next time I seen him I jumped him, I gave him a full on p*** style banging and when he asked where he could come I said "On my face". First and last time for that, So gross, Gagged and almost puked and it has never happened since. The guy I was seeing ended up getting to be the one to experience a lot of stuff with me for the first time, First butsecs, First threesome with my friend, First facial, First video and a few more things.
All this led us through grade 12 and then we had both chosen our career paths knowing fully that we would not be able to attend the same schools, I went off to university and she did the same, We stayed in touch and the next time I seen her she told me she had a girlfriend, Some time later she brought her home with her and it was super awkward to see them kiss and cuddle, The time after that they had broken up and we had a hookup, In the first year I hadn't really had any relationships. three random hookups with guys, Two random hookups with a room mate and that was it but lots of tub time.
second year I started dating my now husband and we had two experiences, One with another guy (His roomie) and one with a girl (My roomie) and that was all, We got married, She was at the wedding with a "Female friend" and then we kind of lost touch. random situation, My husband and I and our 4 kids were going camping, We got to the campground and were driving to our site when a young girl stepped aside to let us pass and turned to face us, I am pretty sure my heart skipped a beat because she was the spitting image of my friend at 14...Identical.
I stared as we passed and my husband actually said "What?", I said "Holy that girl is the spitting image of Cathy at 14", We chuckled and carried on, set up camp and 3 days later on the beach a woman walked up to me and said "Erin?", I lifted my glasses and there was Cathy, I freaked and we hugged and looked at each other, she looked at my b**** and said "Whoa...Those are new", I laughed and said "Well...Not anymore but..." and we spent the day hanging out, We had supper at their site and her daughter and son were there, we had drinks and went back to our site to put the kids to bed then Cathy texted and asked if she could come over, She did and we had a few drinks and reminisced.
Around midnight my husband kissed me, said "Don't get too crazy out here" and stumbled off to bed, I was at the back of the camper mixing a drink and cathy walked up, I looked at her and she kissed me, I said "Oh...I uh", I looked toward our room and the window was open so I led her down a narrow, Winding path to the lake, She told me how she missed me and how her husband was banging his secretary and so on. I said I couldn't because I was married and had kids and blah, blah, blah and then we were kissing in the moonlight in front of the lake, Then we were groping, then we stole a towel off some dudes boat and laid it on the ground, I laid down, She got on top and we did what we did, We both got off and when Cathy sat down beside me she looked up and screamed.
Well S***...thank goodness no one cares about a woman screaming in the middle of the night at a lake where I am sure it carried to the other side but standing there was my husband, He said "I didn't hear voices until I came outside so I came to see where you went", Cathy had stood up and was on the verge of tears, I was already in tears and my husband stared at us. We hurriedly dressed and Cathy bolted, My husband stood there not saying a word and just stared at me as I got dressed and walked past him completely speechless and embarrassed. needless to say we had a huge whisper argument and then after I finally got him to listen to me I explained it all...Everything.
Cathy never did say anything to her husband but my husband and I have reconciled and even invited Cathy over for supper one evening last week, I made sure the kids were at my parents and after supper and some drinks my husband watched me and Cathy, Cathy watched me and him and then she joined in and 3 hours later we were in a love triangle and we will be getting together more.
Sheesh, the odd places life takes you when you let your guard down.

Aug 5, 2020

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  • I had feelings for my BFF but never told or did anything with her until we were both married, with kids and both having marriage problems. Her husband kept cheating on her and my husband kept bugging me to cheat on him. She flatly remarked I should bed her husband, so at least she'd know who he was with. I'm not attracted to him so I let her know I'd much rather do her. That was the spark. We now sneak together when we can. My husband knows but hers doesn't

  • For over 20 years my highschool bestie and I have had a hookup once every couple years, We are both straight, married and have kids but if we find ourselves out of town and able to sneak away after a few drinks we hook up, It has never once been planned or expected which is the best part. No one knows, Not our husbands, Not our friends, No one.

  • Nothing better than a little girl on girl action with a woman you share a lot of history with.

    I treasure the encounters I have with my BFF.

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