Strange reaction

I hated my wife Cathy. We were married less than a year and I was shopping around for divorce lawyers. All my friends and family begged me not to marry her. Cathy was high maintenance and an unfriendly b****. Somewhere in my screwed up thinking I thought she would change. Cathy only got worse after we were married. In less than a year I was sleeping in the guest room and s** was over.
One night Cathy and one of her b**** friends went bar hopping downtown. Well Cathy got in an argument with a group of guys and went into total b**** mode. Later as they were walking to another bar when two men ran out of an alley. One man grabbed Cathy and the other guy blasted her friend right in the face knocking her down. Cathy was pulled into the alley and shoved in a van. There were a total of four men. Cathy thinks they were the guys from the bar but she wasn't sure. As the van drove several miles out of town the three guys in the back beat the crap out of Cathy as they ripped her clothes off. Cathy remembers the van turning off the main road onto a bumpy dirt road. When it stopped the men spent a couple of hours violently raping her. Cathy had already been beaten into submission so she didn't put up a fight as the guys left no part of her untouched. Cathy described one of the men as a tall, large black man, like a basketball player. As the van started up and headed back to the main road he ordered the other two men in the back to hold Cathy down and pull her legs apart. The man took his huge hand and shoved it inside Cathy as she screamed in pain. One he was inside he made a fist and punched Cathy's insides as they all laughed.
When they hit the main road the van stopped and the men threw Cathy out. She was naked laying on the side of the road when a car stopped. The person called 911and Cathy was taken to a hospital. That's where I heard what happened as she told the story to the police.
Besides the cuts and bruises from the beating, Cathy had to get stitches in both her v***** and ass.
But something strange happened. After a few days in the hospital Cathy came home. She recovered physically from the injuries and she seemed to be a different person. Cathy was actually being nice. She began helping around the house and even started cooking. I never knew she was actually a good cook.
I didn't mention it earlier but Cathy is really an attractive girl. 27 years old, 5-5, 110# with firm C rack. Around the house Cathy started dressing sexy all the time. T-shirt and panties, even lingerie. And s**... Cathy wanted to please me constantly. She became h****, submissive and would do anything I asked. Heck I didn't even have to ask, Cathy became downright kinky. The past few months has been the s** I always dreamed of.

Jan 22

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  • She learned hoe to be submissive, and now she is getting turned on thinking about what happened. Talk to her during s** talk if she has submissive or rape thoughts.

  • Why do you think she changed? I mean I can get the being nicer and helping out. She realized and the beating she took that her bitchy side is what got her into trouble but why so sexual now?

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