Younger, blonder, dirtier

My girlfriend and i have been together for almost 4 years now, cohabitating for over 3. But she is starting to show her age (29) and looking kinda worn out. So I've started looking around for somebody like I've described in the caption. Somebody early to mid 20s, a natural blond (gf is a blonde but from a bottle), and who is hotter and nastier, and maybe even mean and bitchy wouldn't be at all bad. Not at all bad. There's a woman at work who would fit all the requirements, including those last two, except for the age thing: she's 38, but g******* she is FINE and she is a mega supreme b****(with mega supreme implants). And her thick blonde hair reaches all the way to her ass which I desperately want to rim.........every single day of my life.

Aug 5

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  • Could you be ANY more shallow?
    Just. Wow.

    Do not reproduce.

  • Well, then I do not see your problem. You need to give the work colleague a test drive before you do anything else. Before somebody else comes along and takes her off the lot. Before she gets tired of waiting for you to make the move she knows you want to make. While you wrestle with the foolish notion of a good age for you, the odds of you getting with a truly hot B**** grow longer and longer. Imagine how jealous all the men at work will be when you dump your immature but rapidly-aging girlfriend and move in with the hottest POA in the building. You have work to do, my friend. Get busy!!!!!

  • Older women are always better in bed

  • The woman from your job sounds totally perfect for you. Please don't let her age interfere with what cod be destiny. She sounds hot enough and dirty enough. Please go for it and let us know how things go!

  • Us older ladies need attention too.

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