This site cracks me up

All these posts about liking and/or glorifying incest, b*********, and rape make me laugh so hard!! WE KNOW THEY ARE FAKE. The only reason why they exist is for the hearts and the comments. Why do you think there are so many? Sometimes the same reused post? I don't doubt there are people out there who enjoy those things, but not everyone. And they certainly wouldn't disclose that information, on this site or in real life!
I'm starting to think the same thing with all these "i'm a man and i wear panties", and "i'm a guy and i cross-dress" posts. It has to be the same person trolling, or a people thirsty for the awe factor. I doubt every man on this site likes to wear women's clothes. I really hope this is common knowledge. If not, it's gonna make me fall out of my chair with hysteria!!!

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  • I wear panties

  • I've confessed on here to things that I know you would think are fake, but they are not. Sure most may be fake but not all.

  • This post is f****** priceless

  • Most of the post on this site are bullshit. I come here to troll and see how many people lose their s***. It is pure entertainment. Lol

  • Stupid people are easily entertained.

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