She pimped out her Brother

Another story from my messed up youth

I was 13 and in the 7th grade. Awkward and just starting Puberty, totally inexperienced. Through some other Kids I knew I met a kid from a nearby Neighborhood named Garry and we all hung out together, he was 11 or 12 and had a Redhead sister 9 years old, Her name was Linda. She was fat with too many freckles and not pretty. She had a piggy sort of face but since she was so overweight she was already in a training bra. Even through her shirt you could tell she had Puffy Nipples. I was walking Home by the Elementary School when the 2 of them pulled up to me on their Bikes and we were talking

Linda said "ask him Garry" I said ask me what?

Garry said "She likes you. she wants to know if you like her too" It seemed like an Opportunity to me so I said I did. (but I definitely didn't want to take the teasing that I'd get if my REAL friends saw me with her!)

So I started to hang out in their neighborhood a bit more and go to her House after School (to see her Brother ; - ) if anyone asked

in her Garage she would let me kiss her and Squeeze her B**** a bit. I was just learning and it was awkward...clicking teeth and all that

Once Garry was in the Garage with us and their Parents would be Home soon and I said something to tease her about S**. her response surprised me

She said "I know about s**" I was like "No you don't" and Garry said "She's already had It done to Her"

Linda said "First You Stick it in, Then you Go Up and Down Like Mad!" I had to go then because their Parents were coming Home and I had to go home too

The next time I saw Garry I asked about it

Turns out there was a 13 year old girl in the neighborhood named Yvonne who was something of a predator, she would set off red flags nowadays and would get a lot of the younger girls to play Dr and stuff. Even telling them how good s** was and talking some of them into doing it with her 9 yr old brother Benny. Garry had been part of the Circle too...a bunch of the Kids there were.

Linda had told her "I don't want to have a baby" and Yvonne told her "You can't, you're both too young" So in a shed behind Yvonnes House Linda laid down and let Benny "Stick it in and go Up and Down like Mad" while Yvonne watched..

Shortly after that I found a girl from my own grade and the opportunity for Linda faded away

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