Learned My Lesson 2

I posted here a while back with a title of "Learned My Lesson". I received some great responses and I agreed with many of them. The last response made me stop and think. I don't know if I just forgot or had blocked it out of my mind but there was actually a follow up almost three years later. I was going to Class and I saw this really cute girl smiling at me in the hallway. I stopped and smiled back and began a conversation with her. Her name was Pam and she was a little nervous since this was her first day in the new building, she had just graduated from Junior High. I offered to show her to her next Class and as we walked along Linda, one of the Big girls from the softball incident, approached and asked how I knew her Sister. Talk about two opposites. Linda was a rather large girl and too be honest, not very attractive. Pam her "little sister" was a doll who was small framed but just starting to fill in at the right places. Pam was just going into her next Class and after she was gone I turned to Linda, told her I was sorry, and that I wouldn't bother her Sister any more. Linda grabbed my arm and pushed me up against the wall, she still out weighed me by thirty pounds, and told me I had misunderstood her. Her little Sister had told her she liked me and why didn't I come by the house after school. Pam was a doll and if I had a chance to see her off the school grounds, what did I have to lose.
After school I went home and cleaned up and put on some better clothes and went over to Pam's house. Her parents were not home and she invited me downstairs to the Den to watch television. I was a little disappointed that her Big Sister Linda was there, but figured I would make the best of it. I was sitting on the floor between the two girls and Pam reached over and kissed me. I was a little surprised but was enjoying it very much. When we "came up for air" Linda reached over an put a lip lock on me. Now making out with two girls at the same time sounds pretty cool, but I just didn't think that I was good looking enough to be doing this well so fast. That is when Pam laid the bomb on me. She said the her sister had told her about my "equipment" and she wanted to know if she could see it. As I started to stand up to leave it felt like my legs were cut out from under me. Linda tripped me over and I fell back on the floor. She sat on my chest and her legs had my arms pressed down so I could not move. Pam came over and undid my belt and removed my pants and boxers in one motion. She sat between my spread legs holding my ankles down with each hand. Now Linda tells her to "watch this" and starts to j*** me off. I'm screaming and yelling and all I can see is Linda's back and the fat on her sides shaking with each movement of her hand. Pam asked her sister if she could give a couple of "tugs". Her hands were smaller and it was starting to feel ready good, but I was having trouble breathing with Linda sitting on my chest. Pam pointed out that I was starting to "leak" and Linda told her she wanted to finish me off. A sixteen year old boy getting a hand job from two girls there was NO Way I was going to be able to stop. Linda gave a few more tugs to "make sure she got it all". I still couldn't see Pam but I heard her say "Wow I didn't know that thing could do that". Linda told Pam to let go of my ankles and to go around and give me a French kiss. After Pam kissed me she asked if it hurt, because I was moaning so loud. I assured her it did not hurt and that in fact it felt really good. Linda got off me, grabbed my hand and helped me up and handed me some toilet paper to clean off with. Pam gave me another kiss and gently felt my p**** and asked if I wanted to come over the next day after school. Now I know it sounds strange but I said yes.
The second day was the same except they didn't have to hold me down. I sat on the floor between the two of them as they jerked me off. I got to feel their b******, over their bras and shirts, and this time Pam finished me off while Linda was kissing me. I had my eyes closed and just thinking of Pam's little hand wrapped around my p****. As I was leaving Pam told me she really was not interested in me, she was only helping her sister. She told me her sister like me and wanted to continue to "give me pleasure". There was no way I was going to start a romance with this beast. I'm not stupid, I took the hand job the following day, but stood her up after that.

Oct 10, 2011

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  • No, I am not Morris, I don't even know a Morris. I have been to Maine, but I did not live there, I am two states away. If I would have "embellish" the post both girls would have been beautiful and Naked. Also they would have been pleasantly surprised with my fourteen inch p**** and both would have begged me to allow them to give me a B*******. No, unfortunately, what I wrote originally is what happened. BTW, how did your Wife talk Morris in to getting naked on the porch?

  • Yea, is this Morris? My Wife's name is Pam and her and her Sister played Softball in Grammar school, High school and College. Are you from Maine? In my case Pam is the older Sister and I would not call her Sister Nancy unattractive or heavy. My Wife tells the story a little different. You came over to their house after school. I guess the three of you were "fooling around" and the girls made you an offer of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". The way Pam tells it is that you stripped off your clothes and some how they got you to go out on the back porch. They locked the door and told you to "play with yourself" if you wanted your clothes back. After making fun of you for a while they told you your clothes were on the front porch and then closed the curtain. There was no second or third time. Are you sure you didn't embellish just a little?

  • Hard here too, dam good story

  • I'm a lot older then 16 and I am as hard as a rock reading your story. Nothing good ever happens to me. You are a lucky stiff.

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