Think my BF's BFF is gay.

The other night I had a weird experience, My BF and I were drinking at a club and his best friend for since ever was with us, They have been best friends since almost pre school and he has been with a couple of my friends but we all shared a cab back to my BF's place and as soon as we got there my BF was all over me, I'm not shy and I enjoy new experiences but this was off the rails.
I was pretty sure early on that something was gonna happen and it did, After a bit all three of us were kissing and whatever, Both of them played with my b**** and then we all ended up undressed, I sat between them and jerked both, Sucked both and then got on my hands and knees sucking my BF and right away I was like EEEP! His friend licked my butt hole and I was like "Oh geez, I don't like that" but...He kept going and started rubbing my c*** which caused a whole managerie of different feelings and it started feeling alright.
Some more sucking, Butt licking and c*** rubbing, nipple pulling (My thing) and then I had a finger in my butt (Not my thing). My BF's friend didn't seem to be taking the hint that I wanted a c*** in my whoo whoo not a finger in my butt so I gave up on him and straddled my BF, I was riding him and trying to get his friend to let me suck him, He did stand up and let me for a minute or so but then stood behind me just grabbing my b**** with one hand and rubbing my butt hole with the other while I rode my BF.
My BF laid down and pulled me on top of him, His friend was licking and fingering my butt and I was like come on dude, Do something else and then he straddled my BF's legs and my BF held me tight as he slid his c*** back and forth on my butt hole and kept trying to put it in my bum, I finally just straight up said "No" and then things got better, he let me suck him, We switched and he put it where it was supposed to go but then we switched positions and I was riding my BF reverse cowgirl and leaning back, He had no issues licking my c*** while I rode my BF.
I don't know how but he got on top and was rubbing his c*** on my c*** and my Bf was going fast, I said I was about to come and my Bf said "Me too" and then I came, My BF said "OOOOHHHH" and then WTF!!!!! His friend grabbed his c***, Pulled it out of me, Jerked my BF with his left hand and himself with his right and they simultaneously blew two loads on my stomach, all the way up to my b**** and then his friend smeared it all over my b**** and stood beside me shoving his c*** in my mouth so I could suck him while he jerked my BF and he came again.
There was some post s** cleanup involved and after we all got clean my BF and I went to bed, I tried to talk to him about it but he wasn't having it until the next day after his friend left, As soon as he was out the door I was like "WTF!!!!" and he was like "Right???", We talked and he said that had never happened before and that they had never even tagged a girl before so I have no choice but to believe him but his friend was definitely all about my butt hole and my BF's c*** and hs said he eventually had to push his friends hand away.
I don't know if he just got caught up in the moment but I feel like there should have been far more attention on me.

Aug 11, 2020

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  • You were all drunk in a public place. Don't expect a perfectly choreographed p*** movie sequence.

  • Thanks for the play-by-play! But, really, what if your boyfriend’s best friend _is_ gay or bi or try-anything? Could be that he just has the hots for his friend, your boyfriend. It really doesn’t make much of a difference to you and your boyfriend, anyway.

  • Really??

  • So f****** what if he's gay, it doesn't make a difference, like why does this need to be said? love is love

  • Why are you telling me this??

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