I hid and let it happen

It's difficult to explain why I let it happen. I'm going to tell you that a few weeks ago we had a BBQ that lasted well into the night. My wife and the other women got drunk early and were dancing around and flirting with everyone. I didn't pay much attention to it , but then the other husband's started collecting their wives and girlfriends saying there goodbyes then left. My wife continued on . Partying dancing around and drinking. About an hour or so later it was getting very dark and she was obviously very waisted. She took off her shirt and was bouncing between the rest of the guys and myself wearing her bra and cut off shorts. I noticed when she would bounce into the other guys they would get handsy and grab her ass and or her t***. By now it was dark in the back yard I went in the house to get another bottle of wine , I felt like an outsider. Looking out my kitchen window I could barely make out the the guys had formed a fairly tight circle around her. I felt my heart beating faster and I got a lump in my throat. I left the wine on the counter and went out the side door , I hurried around the bushes and stood hidden as I watched. Her head was slumped over forward, she was completely naked. They were holding her up and hands covered her body. She was completely motionless , obviously she had passed out. They lay her down spread her legs and were fingering her , squeezing her t*** and then one started to eat her out. The others started laughing and cheering. Then they mounted her one by one . Each guy trying to last longer than the other and trying to out do the other. Then in a second they were dressed and walking away. Leaving her naked, f***** and draining. I waited until the last one had pulled out of the driveway and carried her to the bathroom were I bathed her then put her in bed. Surprisingly they haven't mentioned it to anyone that I know of yet and she only said in the morning that she was sorry for drinking so much and then bitched at me for doing her so hard when she was obviously not aware or awake.

Aug 11, 2020

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  • Talk to her and tell her you to want her to f*** someone. Then tell her how turned on you got. But don't mention she was passed out.

  • I want to hear more of what has happened since this was a very good post

  • You are the type of person they called Gentle man !!

  • WOW! What a woman you are a very lucky man! I hope you don't try and stop her from doing this again she sounds amazing!! By the way. She was probably awake all the time and only pretended to have passed out!!

  • First of all it is a fake fantasy and if this really happened then it was not a rape bcuz she started stripping thus provoking men to take her she enjoyed every minute of it. Husband is not coward but mentally sick to see his wife destroying her. I wish i could also fuc k his wife leaving my seed in her mouth, ass and puss

  • She knew exactly what was happening and wanted it dont let her fool you

  • Crock of crap

  • Get her tested, and yourself if you've had s** since. Write out a list of the people involved, make a note of any guys who didn't take the opportunity to rape your wife. Tell her what happened and ask if she wants to press charges. Tell her you were drunk and fearful and not thinking straight at all/frozen in panic. If she wants to press charges, then go to the police. If any of the guys held back then maybe they can help as witnesses.

    At the very least, get those guys out of your life.

  • What are you talking about rape ,are you F:::::::n Crazy.? the guy was an accessory to the fact !!!

  • It was not rape in the slightest what are you talking about!?

  • You cowardly sick f*****! You hid and allowed a group of men to rape your unconscious wife repeatedly. How the f*** can you even look at her in the eyes for allowing that? When she ends up pregnant whose will it be? Not yours for sure because YOU ALLOWED IT. WTF is wrong w you people?
    Yeah she got drunk but by your story had no intention of allowing those men to gang rape her. Im sure she thought you were still there. But nope. Your b**** ass hid. You cowards disgust me. I hope she finds the truth and leaves you’re ass for a real man who’ll protect her from s*** like this.

  • That's what she wanted only she passed out too early too enjoy it! Her fault.
    Have another bbq. Get to that point where she is getting drunk. Ask, 'Do you want to have fun again like last time honey? You ask look like you all were having so much fun I didn't want to spoil it.' In her state of mind, flirting with them again she/ they can't deny it.
    They will either do it again (yes!)
    Or she will realize she was being a w****. Once she gets over that you can tell her it's ok, you loved it and you don't mind it happening again! ;)

  • You’re another sick f***. How can you d**** treat women like that? She was drunk. He as her husband should have put a stop to her behavior before taking her clothes off and sent everyone home before it got even close to this happening. You and this cowardly sick f*** of a husband are condoning gang rape. WTF?

  • You don’t know if she wanted it or not. For god sakes she was passed out.

  • How could you allow that to happen to your wife?

    If she was awake and enjoying it that is one thing but that is sick and sad

  • Rape

  • Yup. :(

  • Mmmmm

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