Desire variety

I’m a 50 year old male. Been married for 29 years and married the woman I lost my virginity to when I was 20.

I never had s** with anyone else, but for the last couple of years I have found other women attractive. I am attracted to women of different races or hair color than my wife.

I really want to eat out a woman with a red bush. I also want to eat a woman with a blonde bush. I haven’t seen either but that seems so exotic compared to my wife’s brunette hair and dark bush.

But what I really desire is a black woman. One with a really dark complexion. I want to eat her out and see that dark skin and that pretty pink p****. I want to see her engulf my white c***.

I want my wife to walk in and find us. I really want a black beauty.

Aug 12, 2020

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  • My wife is black, so you want to swap?

  • Was your wife also a virgin? If so, she might be interested in seeing what s** would be like with another man and you could find a couple where you are attracted to the wife and she is attracted to the husband. If she wasn't a virgin, you might get her to allow you to have s** with as many women as she did men before you.

  • She was not a virgin. When we first had s** she initiated it. We were making out and then next thing I knew she was laying on top of me then I felt this amazing warm sensation as the slid down and my d*** entered her p****. It felt amazing and she rode my c*** saying how much she loved me and how amazing my c*** felt inside of her. She said, “ I want to have this for ever”. We were 20. A month later I asked her to marry me.

    Before we met she admitted that she “got around”. I asked her how many men she had. She would never say just that she had sampled many c**** and that mine was the best. That my c*** was made for her p****.

  • Ask her about her wildest fantasies and tell her about yours (but focus on making her feel loved and sexy and let her know you would absolutely only want to go ahead with it if she was 100% keen and was in the room). If she seems receptive, perhaps you could suggest getting a s** worker involved as the third party. That's safest because they'll be professional about it and you won't be able to keep in touch or make your wife think you'll run off with her. Also, when it comes to doing the act if you ever get that far, make your wife feel sexy! Focus on her a lot. Show her she's got no reason to be afraid and that it changes nothing. make it an experience about the two of you and not just about yourself.

  • Tell your wife about your desires. Maybe she will be open to it! Life is too short not to have fun!

  • Do you really think she would be open to it?

    How should I bring it up. I love her. I don’t want to make her upset.

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