When I was 20 I lost my
Virginity to a family friend she would have been about 38 at the time and divorced.
I wouldnt say she was hot but at 20 you can become addicted to any p**** that’s available to you. We had secret casual s** for three years. She wasn’t overly experienced, didn’t take c*** overly well. Like having her p**** eaten and you should have heard the sounds she would make when we did it doggy style. (Although I preferred her on her back she didn’t seem to enjoy is as much)
Anyways it took me two years before I got the courage to ask her to shave her p**** for me. She was submissive to oral s**. It wasn’t sexy and I think she only did it because she felt obligated to in hind-site it was pretty hot. I became the first guy she shaved for, I was the first guy to sodomize her and the first guy to finish on her face.

Anyways I moved down south after college to attend university and things fizzled out. I saw her occasionally but we never had s** ever again. 3 years after we ended things in at a bar and I run into her middle daughter I’d be 26 she was 21. I’d say her daughter was a 6/10 but because I had been with her mom the idea of getting with her was just too intense and i decided to try and hook up with her. I went home with her that night. The s** was alright I guess. She made me use a condom and she didn’t suck my d*** even though I ate her p****. It was a one time thing and despite my efforts I was unable to arrange an encore.

Fast forward three years and I’m living back in my home town. I see the mother all the time and I try and out the vibe out that I would like to start f****** her again. The mom has a steady bf at this time and it never happens but because she’s seeing me so often and I’m going out of my way to be around her we reconnect on a friend of the family type aspect. Why does This woman do , she hooks me up with her oldest daughter. I can’t be believe this situation it’s like she forgot or didn’t care that we were secret lovers for three years.
I guess the younger sister never told her oldest sister about our night together either.
The older sister is 29 at this point, unmarried and wants to settle down. Although she’s the hottest of the three woman she isn’t as good as her mom in bed but I love the idea that I’ve had the mom and both daughters. we see each other for 2-3 months as she gets pregnant.

This was 8 years ago now. I’m married to the oldest sister. The younger sister and I have never once discussed our night together and the mom and I are like a normal MIL SIL except I j******* to my MIL constantly.
I would love to arrange a threesome but I know it would never happen.

Jan 19, 2021

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  • Be happy with the wife.
    One in hand is better than many in the sky.

  • Nice! I had the pleasure, or pleasures of having s** with 4 sisters back in HS. Not together of course, but at different times. The middle one was my favorite though. She was so good at everything! She loved going down and would not stop until you either made her or came! She also expected the same in return....which I gladly gave! The other sisters, just wanted you to pound the h*** out of them...which I gladly did. They all had such juicy p******! They kept my car "scented" for sure!

  • How did you get 4 times lucky? Did the first among them recommended your name to her siblings?

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