My hot wife Susan

For about six years now I have been sharing Susan with other men.
We had been married for about ten years when I found out that she had been having an affair with a co-worker and we almost divorced over it but I loved her and wound up forgiving her and we went on with our life and when our youngest daughter was a senior in high school she had another short affair with a man she had met.
By this time though even though I was very upset it didn't seam to bother me as much and I was curious so we began to talk and she said the at times she just wanted exciting ** and she found it with other guys.
After Emmy went to college we were like newly weds having ** everywhere and during this time the wife sharing thing came up and with only a little coaxing she agreed.
It is not something we do every week or month but at times either I will bring it up and we will go through adds on the internet or sometimes she just goes out and lets some guy pick her up and then she will tell me all about it.
When we meet with a guy I love to just sit there quietly and watch her interact with him as thy get to know each other then I watch as she begins her role playing and she sometimes brings me into the conversations and most times when I am standing beside the bed watching or taking pictured we talk and laugh until she or he is about to **.
love my wife and she is all that I want.
I understand that she can have more ** than us men can and she will do the M F M thing with me and another guy or two other guys,
If this is wrong then I don't know what to say but for us it has breathed more excitement into our life.

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  • Sounds perfect. Nothing to worry about if you're both enjoying it

  • Awesome!!!

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