Just wondering if anyone has ever spied on relatives when they were young? I accidentally saw my mom downstairs in our house first making out with a guy while a party was going on upstairs then later on the same night she was having s**. Like most kids, a few boxes in the basement meant an ideal place for a fort. My parents often had parties of 20 or more people. I usually went to a friend's house for the night. On this night I stayed home but in our unfinished basement where I had a fort made from many boxes. The basement had the usual tools and junk and was used for storage. I was playing games when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I recognized it as my mom as she called upstairs saying she was getting some more paper plates. Music upstairs was loud. I was about to come out of my fort to say hi when I heard someone else coming downstairs. It was a friend of my dad's named Bill. He was drunk and laughing as he told mom he was here to help. They laughed and joked around. Both he and mom were very tipsy. I had a clear view of both of them so I sat in silence and watched. Bill came up to her and hugged her which was no big deal. He asked mom for a kiss. She was laughing and gave him a quick peck. He was laughing and complained that it really should be better than that. This time it was a kiss on the lips and held it for a few seconds then broke away laughing. She was telling him to behave. He was jokingly begging her for another kiss. She stuck her tongue out at him and he said that's more like it. She was laughing and told him no way he was getting that. He stepped forward and told her ok but just one more kiss but to hold it longer. She laughed and said ok but then they'd have to get back upstairs. She hugged and kissed him again. This tme he held her head and saw his mouth open. She tried to break free but he held her. She gave in and kissed him deep. A min later the kiss broke and she said that was enough of that. I was shocked but very turned on. Mom was a sexy woman with nice t****** and body. I stayed there in hiding. An hour later I heard her come downstairs again, a bit drunker than the last time. She just stood there. I was again about to come out when I heard footsteps . I didn't move. It was Bill again. This time slurring her words she asked him what took him so long. He smiled, grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. Did you do as I asked he said. She just nodded yes. Lets see he said. She pulled off her top and she was braless. This was definitely new to me seeing it in person. They made out a bit before he started to suck her t***. She kept saying they have to hurry. He then did something that I don't think she expected . He opened his pnts and pulled out his c*** and told her to suck it. She said no but he said he'd call my dad downstairs. She was now begging not to. All of a sudden Bill yelled out "Hey John" (my dad). Mom's eyes almost popped out of her head. My dad called from the top of the stairs "What do you want Bill". it only took a second for mom to bend over and stick his c*** in her mouth. "Oh never mind right up" said Bill. Thats when Bill said to mom...suck it Janet until I c**. She said she cant and that she didn't even swallow her husband's c**. Bill pulled off her shirt and told her to suck him off or he'd call John down this time. She was completely topless now and he pushed her head to his c***. It took a while befor he said he was about to c**. I could hear mom slurp big time. She stood up, wiped her mouth then kissed him deep before putting her top back on. That was the first of many many adventures from my secret fort watching mom. Has anyone else ever seen their parents secretively cheat on their spouse, let me know, love to tell more

Aug 15, 2020

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  • Don’t let anyone tell you it’s ok to suck d***

  • You should have sucked him too

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