My wife and I got married, got fat and are enjoying it!

Both my wife and I have gained over 100 pounds each since getting married in 2013. For her, it went mostly to her a-s-s- and belly, for me it's my belly and chest. We are those typical Americans, fat and lazy and not giving a damn, we just eat what we wish and live like normal people, going out, having fun, and also going to the beach. She doesn't try to "cover up" and it makes me very happy to see her with such confidence.

Last year we went to a clothing-optional beach, met up with another couple and eventually asked them to take our photo a few times. We didn't look at the photos until the next day and---oh, my God. My wife laughed and said "Your belly button looks like a dot in a sea of fat." We knew we had gained weight but not THAT much.

The funnest part is when we both find ourselves naked in the house and one will call the other over to the mirror and we'll stand there face to face and compare bellies. Mine's bigger!! :)

I know it's not good for you - but fat is HOT! :)

Aug 15, 2020

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  • It’s great you’ve both accepted being wider. Have you gotten fatter? How have friends responded?

  • You two sound like a dream couple. My wife has gained a few but it’s nothing compared to her hog of a husband. Unfortunately, I’m happy with my wife girth and she’s shy about it. I’d love nothing more than to have my body be appreciated like that.

  • The fatter both of yogurt in the marriage the happier you will be and the s** just keep getting better and better for some reason!

  • Haha, excellent! Nice to hear two people have just let themselves go and got really fat together, nice to think of you walking around the house with all your rolls and folds just blobbing all over the place. One question - didn't your d*** kinda disappear???

  • Not the OP but I can say as a guy there’s definitely shrinkage as everything else bloats up

  • I'm so glad other couples are enjoying getting fat together too. The wife and I got married 5 years ago. Since then I put on about 75 pounds. The wife 50. We are very lazy too, we love it so much. And it's such a thrill seeing people react to how fat we are getting. We met at our gym actually, so quite a change for both of us!

  • Love that you met at a gym. Do you think you were just two fatties waiting to come out? Any updates?

  • I agree! My wife was 118, 5'2". That was in 2009. She was 268 before the covid thing. Now she is 281 as of 5 days ago. Good God is she hot! I've put on about 60 pounds myself. Neither one of us is interested in losing, and certainly don't mind getting fatter!

  • Sounds like a dream. Either of you lose any covid weight?

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