I am a cuckold

My wife started cheating on me just two years into our marriage. When I found out I told her I was ok with it. As a matter of fact I would love to watch her having s** with another man. Even though she was more than willing to cheat, she could not bring herself to have s** with another man in front of me. She said for one she just couldn't understand a man that was ok with his wife having s** with another man and second she would be far to self conscious in front of me. So we agreed when she met a guy she was sexually attracted to she could sleep with him, but she had to at least tell me when she was sleeping with a new guy. That was 20 years ago and she cheated off and on the whole time and I loved it.
about four years ago she stopped because her parents where to elderly to completely care for themselves, so she spent most of her time with them. her mom passed and her burden was lightened. I still wasn't sure if she would ever cheat again. As weird as this sounds to a lot of men and women, I was pretty bummed at the thought of my lovely wife never cheating again.
Well we bought a new home and behind us is a community garden. My wife walks almost every late afternoon and she walks past the garden. One evening she tells me about this guy she was talking to the has a plot in the garden. He apparently is a single dad so he spends his spare time gardening.
Then one day we are sitting in the dining room and she said there he is. I looked out the window and sure enough there he was.
Then one day as I was sitting there I hear a car horn. I looked outside and my wife was coming to a very fast stop by the garden. She jumped out and almost ran up the path to talk to him. Looked pretty urgent to me. She stood there talking to him. As they talked she moved closer and closer to him. Almost as if she wanted to be as close as she could without being too obvious. As I watched them I got aroused at the idea of her having a new boyfriend. I dropped my pants and started stroking myself as I watched them. My wife kept looking back at her car like she should leave but she just couldn't let herself go. I kept stroking until I came while watching them. I was determined to get off while watching my wife flirt with another man.
I don't really know if anything is going on yet, but he is just her type. He is a dark Latino man. She loves dark skinned men. He's tall. Over 6 feet and slim. Everything she finds attractive in a man.

Aug 17, 2020

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  • There's nothing wrong with being a cuckold. My wife and I have been married for 40years now. She was having s** with other men before we got married. And still does to this day. She's a loving woman and she takes care of all my needs. She just can't be a one man woman if you know what I mean. Maybe I'm crazy but it doesn't bother me to see her with other men. A lot of guys can satisfy her better than i can. It's so hot watching her. And the smile on her face says it all. It's all about respect and love.

  • It really is a wonderful thing to have a wife that needs more than one man for s**, but only wants one heart. When my wife and I started our cuckold relationship I told her I never wanted to own her body, just her heart. She is a completely giving woman and always makes sure I am well taken care of. Not sexually necessarily, but in every other way. My wife has always openly flirted with other men not only in front of me, but in front of others that we know. It's really quite thrilling to watch the reaction of others. Some have that look of confusion, but there are always those that have that sly knowing look on their faces.
    One of the men she was having s** with was a very tall and well hung Chinese husband from our church. He just couldn't stop being around her and she had no problem openly flirting and touching him at house parties we would. attend. He never brought his wife so she was never an issue. The way they behaved, you would think they were the couple that came together. It was all very exciting to me.

  • Totally agree with the 2 comments above. I am a proud to be a cuckold for my lovely wife. She enjoys it and makes her a happy person. There is no humiliation involved, but we did decided I needed to have my c*** caged while she is out on a date because I could not resist the urge to constantly m*********. I am so grateful for this as I have an enormous o***** when she finally comes home and teases me with all the details from her date before unlocking me.

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