Addicted to Smoking at Eight

For some peculiar reason, I was drawn very young to the sight of a lady lighting up and enjoyably puffing on her cigarette. My main object of these ffections was my Aunty Clare and, when I stayed with her, which was often, I would helplessly look on at her smoking - I just couldn't help but be intrigued as to what she was feeling and the power of her addiction. Anyway, on a cold wintery night when I was staying with her and her daughters for the school holidays, and the girl.

s had gone to bed, Aunty lit up a smoke and, as she puffed and I watched, she came straight out with it and asked me if I liked looking at her smoke. I was speechless, but she gave me a wee hug and I nervously told her I thought sshe looked lovely smoking. What followed was a heart to heart chat about smoking. I could tell she was intrigued and slightly excited herself as I asked if I could try a little puff. She passed me her burning cigarette and I was in wonderment at the sight of it between my little child's fingers. I took a puff and blew out the smoke - even though I couldn't inhale I liked the wwhole feeling.

When I passed back her smoke, I asked her if she could show me how to inhae like she did and, so she did, over the course of the next hour, I learnt how to drag the smoke into my lungs and the feeling was like nothing I had ever felt. I loved it and knew I wanted to feel that feeling again.

Over the course of that week, Aunty Clare let me keep smoking with her and we smoked in all sorts of places - the car, out in public at a cafe, with her friend, in front of my cousins and at the hair salon. Oh my goodness how incredibly lucky and grown up I felt. I knew people were looking at me, but because I was with my aunty, I knew I was safe.

That week with Aunty, I got addicted to smoking at just 8 years old and my cigarettes were my new best friend. Even though I was just a kid, I quickly came to enjoy smoking as much as any adult and I became hooked just like any adult. I still smoke and, even though I know my aunty Clare was a bit naughty letting me, I am so gratefu;l she did and I have never regretted starting when I did. I still smoke and I still love it.

Has anyone else started smoking so young? I would love to hear stories about other people who started to smoke cigarettes when they were just a child.

Warm regards, P

Aug 17, 2020

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  • I started smoking when I was almost 11. I and my mum where at the funeral of my grandmother and I felt very sad. I cried a lot. After the funeral we drunk some coffee. My mum smoked a cigaret while I still was crying. My mother fellt sorry for me and asked me if I want a puff of her sigaret. She said me be you will feel better. I felt too sad to think about her proposal and took a puff. I stoped crying and enjoyed the taste. I felt realy better.
    That night when we are talking about the funeral she asked me if I enjoyed the puff of her sigaret. I said that I liked it. She asked me if I want to try it again and gave me her cigaret. I took a puff and my mother smiled. She said that she loved me and called me a smart girl.
    She showed me that night how to smoke. How to keep the cigaret in my hand and how to inhale. It was a great experience tofeel the smoke in me lungs.
    I will never forget that day. That night I smoked my first 3 cigarets.

  • Hi Sandra - your story is lovely and your Mum must have known that you were the kind of child that might like to smoke - just like my own aunty. Looking back on that first evening of me smoking with aunty Clare for the first time, I felt so many emotions - most of all really excited that I was even allowed, but also aroused, warm, secure, comforted, and kind of sexy (as much as an 8 year old can feel that way). And grown up, I felt so llucky that, with Aunty's guidance, I was being allowed to become a smoker. Aunty talked me through the whole process and made me feel as though, even though she and I were being quite naughty, it was all okay because I was with her and she had noticed me many times watching her smoke, and could understand that i was the kind of child that smoking might actually help to relieve anxiety and tension. Aunty always told me that even though I was onlly a kid, I actually really suited holding a burning cigarette between my tiny fingers. She also explained to me clearly the process of addiction that would happen to me, but she said, as long as you are enjoying smoking, there was nothing to be afraid of. That school holidays, I stayed with Aunty Clare and my cousins Leanne and Michelle and, by the end of the first week, I was already smoking a pack of 25 Winfield Menthol every two days. It might sound strange, but I actually really wanted to get addicted and have the same need to smoke as my aunty - I wanted to be a real smoker and, not surprisingly, I quickly developed a heavy dependence. My whole little world changed at that time - I now had a need that I just had to keep feeding, and even though just a child, I soon came to enjoy my cigarettes as much as any adult smoker. I loved it when I wen out with aunty and her girls, and as soon as we got on the road, we would both light up in the car. It was such a special time for me and I just love hearing other peoples stories of becoming a smoker as a child. I would love to chat with you.

  • Hi, what a nice story’. It is nice to have such an Aunt who understand that children also like smoking. I love it to chat more with you and share the love of smoking.

  • Hi Sandra - I'd love to chat if you're round - I have lots of stories and feelings about smoking and you sound like you do too. If you'd like to email me my address is It would be great for us to connect xx

  • I started smoking at age 9 when I kept pestering my Mom to let me have a puff. She finally did, and then more and more until one day when I asked for a puff, she just gave me the entire cigarette. I still smoke today, nearly 30 years later and just love it. I made sure I found a husband who loves to smoke too. Between the 2 of us, the house is always properly perfumed with the smell of cigarettes!

  • Do u have children that smoked

  • Wonderful - my wife loves to smoke too and she is my smoking godess and I loove watching her as she lights up and pumps the smoke into her lungs and blows smoke out all over me. Use your imagination where this leads. Like you, I love a cloudy and smoky hazey atmosphere - it makes me feel calm and warm. What age were you when you became addicted - it sounds like you were young like me. How did you find it being a child that smoked? I have never regretted starting with my aunty when I was 8, it really was the most amazing experience to discover a love of smoking so young and to be allowed to light up just like an adult. I still love my ciggies very muvh to this day and, if my granddaughter who is 5 now shows a curiosity about smoking, then I plan to tell her how much pleasure it gives me and talk to her about my own smoking journey. If she would like to try it then I would not deny her of that chance to be able to experience something that just might help her be herself and feel calm. What about you - do you have kids and have you ever helped anyone start smoking? I would love to hear your stories and feelings.

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