I'm an angry and envious American. I have every right to be

I'm trying to keep my cool and mentality in check, but I can't take it anymore. I envy the life of those outside the U.S. who gets to live in peace and opportunities. Americans deserve to have those, too, but Trump Fuckity Trump and the previous presidents don't believe Americans should have those qualities. They love to watch us suffer and so does the rest of the world.

I get upset with the American stereotypes and insults from other countries. Like a few months ago, there were some American anti-mask / anti-lockdown protesters on the news and other countries start to say nasty s*** about them. Yet I hear people in different countries like Spain, Canada, and Germany having their own anti-mask protest and guess how the response are: people were in support of the protests. There are praises of non-US protesters standing up against government rules and propaganda by not following CDC guidelines.

Well, what the h*** is that?! That is hypocrisy! I don't support the anti-mask movement, but when I saw the double standards between American and non-American protestors, that really boiled my blood. You all are idiots for falling for that!

We understand we are living in a shithole country, but we don't need to be reminded over and over from outsiders. How about instead of being apathetic and cruel to us Americans, you at least be empathetic and cheer us on as we try to solve our problems.

Aug 19, 2020

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  • That's the problem. There are decent people in this country, but it's always the a******* who are the loudest and most destructive. Sensible people need to grow a backbone and step up to the noisy r3tards.

  • Turn off the news/TV , smoke some weed.... fuckk that p****....go to sleep Man

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