I confess that I have no idea about MAGA! I know what the acronym stands for,but as a young man from England, I hear about it on the news and hear both sides of the argument,but cant see what the bother is.
The only thing I can see is, trump supporters are like "yeah ,maga!" But the anti trumps are all angry about it and get called liberals.

Surely, all Americans love America.
Every American wants what's best for their country and are patriotic ,so in my reasoning,if Trump wants to " make America great again" then what's wrong with that??!!!
Surely its a good thing?!
Its like that the anti trumps would rather see America have issues,then have a man who from what we see over here,genuinely wants the best for his country.

We've got serious issues here atm with brexit,our government had the chance to "make Britain great again" but sadly they lack the passion and want,to achieve this,and now we're screwed.
If we had someone like trump at the helm,I think we'd be in a much better situation than now.

So, why the MAGA angst?



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  • Written by a trumptard who thinks theyre clever, not a limey. UK has their own ugly blond r***** so they get this "angst" just fine

  • You're better off not knowing ANYTHING about MAGA. Forget everything you've read, here or elsewhere. Stay clean from all of this mindless filth.

  • I know all about your momma tho!
    She's fat and smells of beef,but man she can suck!!!!

  • Reeee reeeee your momma reeeee reeee reeeeeeeeeeeee

    Ladies and gentlemen, the MAGAT brain trust has spoken. Yet again. Throw it a cookie and let it sit in its dirty diaper.

  • Trump is the best thing that's happened to America since Roosevelt. Trump has created jobs for all Americans. Addressed the trade deficit and hopefully by building a wall he will curb the illegal immigration.

    Trump is not a socialist and that's basically why the liberals hate him. He advocates hard work to get what you want instead of laying around letting someone else give you some of what they earn.

    Trump is often referred to as Orange and this is derogatory. They seem to forget how ugly Hillary Clinton was and her character was even uglier. Trump likes women and rumors abound that Hillary does too.

  • Please give an example where an action Trump has actually taken himself as POTUS has created jobs for ordinary Americans, where those individuals were previously unemployed.

  • They cant bc they are all noise and no facts

  • Very well said!

  • F*** off you liberal t***!!
    We NEED Donald to sort the mess out. The mess which your beloved Obumma has caused!
    If you want someone to blame then its that jiggaboo ,he never cared. All he was interested in was being the first black man to do this,the first black man to do that....
    Who gives AF?!!!
    Self important b******,with an ugly as sin wife,who either has a power c***,or a c***!!!

  • Not fixed yet? 2 years to identify what exactly needs to be fixed? Oh still haven't identied what they think is wrong?

  • This guy is so triggered lolololol

  • The reason that MAGA is not a good thing is because it attempts to sell a false premise, that being that America has ceased to be great, and that some romanticized image of an America past can be recaptured. Unfortunately, like all unscrupulous snake oil salesmen, many people will be drawn in by the 'sales patter' peddled by Trump, which plays to, and exploits people's prejudices and the politics of division.

    Those people who are well read and have had the privilege of a good education often find it difficult to understand how Trump ever got elected. Most people remain generally ignorant, and this is due to a concept called "Rational Ignorance" Consequently, these people are easy to manipulate. Whatever Trump's other failings are (and there are many) he is an experienced businessman. In a modern world based on 'consumption', it should really be no surprise that someone such as Trump would eventually become President.

    Some of the qualities of expert businessman might well be an asset in negotiating deals, however a salesman's objective is to win and that means someone has to loose. A salesman does not require the quality of empathy and ruthlessness is often a characteristic of successful businessmen.
    In this respect, and mindful of the numerous 'executive orders' I am reminded of the poem "The Hand that Signed the paper" by Dylan Thomas -

    I'm also reminded of the words often attributed to a man widely accepted as America's greatest president - Abraham Lincoln
    ‘You can fool all of the people, some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.’

  • Funny how you quote Lincoln who was a Republican and at the time was hated just as much as Trump is today by the Democrats.

  • Predictable dodge. It's not about Repub or Dem, fool! It's about intelligence and decency vs. well... MAGAT ideology.

  • Not sure why you are so defensive. I was merely pointing out a fact. The name calling shows just how irrational you are and how your lack of understanding drives your anger. Here's to love, not hatred ✌🤙

  • YoUr'e iRratiOnal anD anGry hERe's to loVe noT hAtreD

    Your lack of reading comprehension drives your hypocrisy. Peace :p

  • And now you have shown your lack of intelligence and maturity. Don't worry if you can't graduate highschool. People like myself will always pay someone like you to mow the lawn.

  • Or maybe they were just razzing your manipulative, condescending noise. It does look like fun...

    Oh, I'm sorry, I seem to have gotten the last word here. You wanna jump in here and make some stupid rejoinder so that I don't "win"? Hurry, now! Hurry!! :D

  • I like that other quote from Lincoln.

    In these ages a citizen must be careful of what they believe on the Internet.
    - Abraham Lincoln
    - 1834

  • F*** you lib. you are the problem with the US

  • How is the intelligent commentator you blarted at the problem? Explain and leave nothing out.

  • Tick tock, tick tock............

  • See you fail to realize that not everyone who voted for Trump is uneducated as you claim. Actually, you're just repeating what Democrat propaganda has told you.
    The people who voted for Trump saw a nation divided at every turn. They saw a politically correct country that no long flipped other countries the bird when they p***** us off, and they saw a nation where our values we being trampled on like a rug because it offended someone from another country. That's beside the butt hurt people who cried over ever little thing just because they didn't agree with it. Those people who saw that behavior were the ones who also so the corruption of many political figures in DC. They saw the abuse of power from both Democrat and Republican. They understand the only way to change corruption in both parties was to elect someone who both parties couldn't stand. That is why people support Trump. Not because their ignorant or uneducated, but because they are tired of the political agenda of politicians to become wealthy at the expense of the American people.

  • Mate,what I"m hearing is that you yanks were tired of the same old same old,so you voted for some rich dickbag with no political xp and a baby's personality. Because he wasn't a politician. So you fell for the biggest con man out there,I mean come on,how big of a fratboy jerkoff is that dude? You so got played,because you were tired of being played. Well done,you waggas! At least the rest of the world gets to laugh and point at the stupid orange man who takes the Ugly American stereotype to 11

  • Very well said! (see MAGATs, we can say that too!)

  • Beautifully put. And I see it set off the "REEEEE liberal liberal liberal REEEEE" muttonhead too. It's easy to trigger someone who can only get a stray dog to service him with peanut butter while he fantasizes about the gorgeous black women he can never have.

  • Id never have no cottonhead jig woman.
    Go suck obamas banana d***.
    You libs think you're clever with your big words,but you're just jealous,lets be honest!!

  • Yes, libs and everyone else smarter than you is "just jealous". That must be it.

    Are you a 14 year old girl?

  • Because powerful media moguls want to control the American people. They lie and manipulate people with their media outlets until they have created tension and divide amongst the people. They lie to the people until we are divided into blacks and whites, men and women, Americans and immigrants, gun owners and non gun owners, Democrats and Republicans, and so on. When in fact everyone here is an American and should be repeating the words spoken by one of our greatest presidents....

    A Nation Divided Cannot Stand!

    We should also remember....
    This great nation was built for the people by the people.
    Remember "We the people" That is who runs America. Not some rich a****** media mogul.

  • They already do,mate. Sorry to tell you,and you can thank the loud dummys who think they're so patriotic for it

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