Need some advice :) ty

Well see, I’m asian and I think that might turn people off. I know people won’t openly express that they have a “racial preference” but that’s what most people really do, inside. See a lot of my friends have so many people who like them, but I don’t really because a lot of the people that could have been potential partners prefer to stick to people that have the same “race”. This isn’t supposed to be about racism or anything but I just feel that when people realise I’m asian, they ignore me and cut me off for that. It’s kind of annoying when there aren’t many other people that have a similar race to you. I’m deeply sorry if this offended anyone, but I just don’t know how to feel about it because so many people stop talking to me because I’m not one of “their kind”. It’s kind of sad because I’ve met a lot of people online that like me because of my personality, but when they realise that I’m Vietnamese and Malaysian, they ghost me for it. I’d really love to embrace my culture and race, but it’s just hard. Sorry if I said something that offended you or anything and thankyou for reading this.

Aug 18, 2020

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  • I love asian women. When I look at p*** that's all I want.
    My wife goes to asian-american dances every week,
    gets laid after the dance, and comes back home to tell me
    how polite the asian guys are when they make out with her.

  • U are even racist against your own race.
    Im of another race and thought the same thing. It held me back because imposed the same restraints and restrictions. Be blind to it and if anything reach farther! I met some women of your race i didn't like and some were amazing! I blew it because i didn't let myself go for it.
    Im now married to a white red head who is still a knock out in many ways! 15 years and strong... and she's 16 years younger then me also!
    I don't know where you live but ive seen your kind with some gorgeous women and fun friends and think, how did that ugly fukr hook up with her?! Lol just kidding! You'll do just fine.

  • The only race I truly hate is fuckingg Chinese drop bombs on them

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