Both of us cheat

I read my wife’s text messages and I knew she was having an affair. She was talking to her friend about her giving her boyfriend head a few days ago. The irony is I don’t care because while she was sucking d*** so was I. I hook up with guys on grinder and suck them pen let them f*** me regularly



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  • It is very hot..I played around with a guy all afternoon while wife was at work then when she came home I f***** her good. She couldn't figure out what got into me but loved it

  • That's f****** hot. I f***** a guy once off tender. Got home and f***** the wife. She had no clue she had his ass juices in her p****

  • I sucked off a guy in my truck before going home. It was hard not to laugh when I got home and kissed my wife...she asked me why my lips were kind of sticky feeling

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