Started a relationship during the lockdown

I live in South FL walking distance from the beach and work for an engineering firm. I’m 26.
Staci’s s a widow and sold her house in January to downsize. She’s 5’1”, killer body, health nut, teaches yoga, aerobics and a few other classes at a local health club, 3 kids close to my age and sells insurance. Two years ago, her husband was killed by a drunk driver.
Late February, I finished my morning run and she was doing yoga in the grass by the pool so I started a conversation. She was excited to talk with someone that lived in the complex and does not look 51! She finished her yoga and was about to check her work messages. She offered to make me a smoothie if I’d stay. She came back wearing a white bikini holding two smoothies. I complimented her fit body. She smiled, blushed, sat the smoothies on the table, placed her hands on her hips, spun around and with a strong southern accent said, “Why thank you!” We hung out until I had to log in to work. The next morning, she met me with a fresh smoothie.
I love to cook but it’s no fun alone. During the April lockdown, I invited her to my place for dinner. Things got heated, we had ** for the first time and she spent the night. She admitted I was her first since her late husband. We spent most of April together having s*x. When the lockdown ended, I asked her out and we went on our first date. I convinced her that age doesn’t matter and now she’s willing to take a chance at a relationship. She's perfect in every way.

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  • She is physically very fit for her age. She was without ** for a long time. You both now like each other. I hope you both enjoy ** with each other. Go ahead and enter into a serious relationship. ** with a mature/older woman is always great and she will do everything for a younger partner for ** and a new home. Best wishes.

  • I'm 60 years old and have had several lovers 15 to 20 years younger and I assure you AGE MATTERS. Your age indicates what time period you grew up i with its norms, conventions, politics, social awareness, bigotry, blah bah blah. It sounds like you two work out well together on day to day stuff and **. Remember to listen with an open mind when she talks about life experiences before your time. Ask her how those times FELT so you can appreciate her emotions. And above all else, brace yourself for a 76 year old lover when you become HER current age. if you're not up to THAT challenge, politely let her know you think the world of her but as you both get older your age difference will have a harder impact. Listen lovingly to what she has to say, and respect it.

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