Here kitty kitty.

I'm 35 and I live in a house that shares the driveway with the neighbor’s house. It's two driveways but they’re smushed together to make it look like a double-wide driveway. You get to know your neighbor’s when you live in a house like this. You meet them in the driveway, you see them in their garage. The window above my kitchen sink looks out onto the driveway and directly at their house. Their kitchen sink window looks at my house . . . My husband was out of town. I was enjoying having the place to myself for a change. I had some wine, took a bath, and was settling in for the night. I stuck my head out the side door, to the driveway, and called my cat. No responses. I was in my PJs but it was dark out so I tiptoed out into the driveway to look for him. Nothing, then to my back yard but still nothing. Then I thought, I wonder if he is in my neighbor’s backyard. Their house was dark and their car wasn’t in the driveway so I went back there. That’s when I saw it. The basement light was on and I could see right into their son’s room. He’s a handsome college freshman, he was on his computer, naked, and masturbating. I stayed and watched the show.

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  • That was hot, i am jerking my 4in. c*** right now. Did he have a nice c***? Was he bigger than your husbands?

  • It's funny to me that you put your size in you post. I didn't think about his size compared to my husband's. My husbands's is fine, I have no complaints. The boy next door has a nice size but what he really has is a younger, more fit, and he is strange and new . . . Just arousing. I'm not obsessed with Co** size but I guess if your working with 4" your probably more aware this then I am.

  • Would love to discreetly meet up

  • I'm was walking home from a neighbors house late one night. My wife had left earlier and was taking a shower before bed. I noticed the neighbor's son (18) jump our backyard fence and zoom into the darkness. Before I yelled out to him I decided to see where he went. And to my surprise I noticed him climbing up on our fence where it met our house right at our bathroom window. From there he could watch my 40 something year old wife shower. I couldn't believe this. I wondered just how long he had been doing this.

    Well, at first I thought I'd yell at him but I couldn't blame him. I thought my wife was pretty hot too. I snuck into our house and went downstairs where a basement window was below him. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I couldn't believe my eyes. His c*** was huge as he stroked himself to my wife's body. I was stunned as rope load after rope load shot from this young man.

    I was going to tell him to stop but I just didn't or couldn't. He jumped that fence almost every night like clock work. I even went so far as to move the curtain so he could see better. I finally told my wife about it after he stopped when he got a girlfriend in college. She was mad at first and didn't want to talk to me but that night I apologized so much and told her I was just amazed at his c*** size and how he obviously wanted to have s** with her. She got so excited and proceeded to climb on top of me and gave me a very memorable night.

  • One night, when you knew the kid was out there, you should have gone in and joined her in the shower. You could have put on an exciting show for the kid and you would have reminded him that- you're the man and he's just a a kid snapping his carrot.

  • You should have intervened and offered yourself to him

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