Hot summer nights

My wife and i were looking forward to a nice quiet vacation, we rented a lake cottage in maine and was looking forward to some water sports and maybe some skinny dipping. the cottage had privacy on 3 sides, the fourth being rather close to the large driveway of the nieghbor and the side with a lot of windows
After being at the lake for a few days I decided one late night to strip off and take a dip. the wife had turned in early and I was bored. so I turned off the lights and snuck outside nude, without a towel, I made my way down to the dock, my 11" d*** pointing the way, totally naked under the bright moon and stars felt great. i jumped in and splashed around, when I was done, walking back up to the cottage naked felt so great, i was sporting a stiffy, when a motorhome pulled in the driveway and the headlights flashed me just at the right moment. Caught.
I ran into the cottage, embarrassed.
I went in the house and toweled off, the kitchen light was on, I peeked out the window and saw there was an older woman driving the motorhome, and I didnt see anybody else. dam, there goes my privacy. I was mad that she had parked so close to our cottage, almost in our yard, maybe 15 feet from our living room. so I laid my towel on the recliner and sat down in the dark nude and started playing with myself, i had a pretty healthy b**** going and as i was tossing off, I thought i had seen a face in the window. dam, she's a peeping tom! so, this made my d*** real hard, I continued pulling and stretching it knowing she was looking directly at my b**** and ass, I tossed off for a while, I looked again and there she was, watching, I blew my load all over the place.
I stood up and walked over to the kitchen, my spent d*** hanging down to my knees, I grabbed the milk out of the fridge, i made sure to step into the light so she could get a great view of my very large d***. I leaned back against the counter and took my time drinking, my c** still oozing out, i grabbed a paper towel and wiped myself off. smiling. satisfied.
I got up in the morning, looked out the windows and ep, pretty close. i didnt bother to tell my wife, she likes to walk around naked too, which she did, not realizing she was being watched, along with me. I loved it.
that night, it was Hot, we were watching tv nude, my wife decided to give me a BJ before bed. as she was going down on me I looked up and sure enough, there was this woman, watching from her window of the motorhome, my wifes p**** right in her line of view. I decided if this woman was so arrogant as to park practically in our yard, then she would have to put up with our shennanigans. so, I asked my wife if she wanted to go skinny dipping, No, she said, Im tired and going to bed. she always turned in early.
this was my chance, I waited awhile till she was asleep, I snuck out the door naked still, and walked down to the water. I waded in and swam around quietly. my b**** grew to an amazing size as i thought about walking back up to the cottage sporting a raging hardon. I got out of the water and standing, stroking myself, walking back to the house, all of a sudden wham, I got smacked across the butt, wham, wham, I fell forward, whack again. I looked up , it was the woman from the motorhome, she grabs me by the arm and pulls me down onto her lap, and proceeded to spank the h*** out of me. when she stopped, she said this is what you get for teasing me and running around naked, as she rubbed my behind. my d*** between her legs, she squeezed her legs together. god, it felt great. she reached under and stroked me down, I came and sprayed c** all over her legs. then, she spanked me some more and said she would be waiting for me everynight, and if I didnt show up, she would tan my wifes ass too. i considered bringing her with me the next night.

21 days

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  • 11", well if you are going to write fiction go big or go home I guess.

  • Well, Im 6'6" , I wear a size 14 shoe, and yes, when i was younger in this story, could get up to 11". nowadays, maybe 9. to all you needle d*** bug f******.

  • You should have f***** her.

    She would have loved it

  • 11ā€. šŸ‚šŸ’©

  • Lol funny post. All guys here are well endowed 12 inches knee banging erections.

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