My boyfriend said he doesn't love me.

I'm tearing up as I write this. Recently money has been super tight so my boyfriend let me move in with him rent-free.

Yesterday I said "I love you" for the first time and he looked up from his book with just his eyes and did a half grin. I then asked if he loved me. He replied "I enjoy you. Love isn't a word I use for anyone besides my mother." I was stunned. He went back to his book casually. Without looking up, he said,

"have you ever read the book the giver?" I said yes.

"I go through life never depressed or sad but never really happy. It's quite peaceful. It's also kind of sad. I'm like the people in The Giver. Everything is in black and white"

"So you're saying you don't love me?"

He giggles as I started to tear. "You're one of my favorite people my love" then he gives me a kiss on the head and opens his arms signaling he wants to cuddle.

When I layed in his arms I got a warm feeling that he doesn't get from me. "Are you a psychopath?" I asked. He replied "I'm pretty sure. But don't worry, I don't hurt people or want to be abusive, that doesn't help anyone." I asked him if he would feel bad if he killed anyone and he said he's "get over it"

My boyfriend, who's a psychopath, will buy homeless people a cup of coffee and hold the door for old people. Like WTF? He let me move in with him without paying rent. He hasn't asked for a lot more s** in return (I usually ask). He'll ask me to cuddle with him.

He seems so mysterious now.

Jan 18, 2021

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  • Where did he actually say he didn't love you?

  • Get the h*** out ! Now

  • This feels not good

  • Run. Run away as fast as you can!

  • I think if he was going to get abusive it would have happened by now. He doesn’t care for conflict at all. Some crazy dude was screaming in his face at a bar last year and he just starred at him with a blank face and wasn’t fazed.

  • They do not often do ANYTHING spontaneously. Everything is carefully considered. I doubt that he would be abusive because he then puts himself in danger of prosecution. The downside of that is that he doesn't get emotional enough to lash out for any reason in relation to other people. I am single and I don't want a jealous girlfriend, but I do want her to be ABLE to be jealous. If that makes sense.

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