A was SAd when I was younger it still haunts me.

When I was younger got SAd and sexually assaulted by a family member,he was younger to. I am now older and it still haunts me. I hate that it haunts me. I am slowly starting to expect it and that it is apart of my story. It happened a few times by the same person. Because I was younger I didn't know what to do. I usually just went to sleep in my room. I would make up ** excuses and would sleep away from them. I know, I know it sounds bad that I didn't just sleep in my room when he was over but I tired not to make it obvious something was going on and wrong. I'm still mad at my self for not telling someone. But he's family and we always go on a vacation with him and his family. But he used to try and take of my pants when he thought I was sleeping or even when I was sleeping. I would wake up to it sometimes. He would try to put his d*** in my mouth and my p**** whenever I woke up to it I would make a ** excuse. Or when he thought I was asleep he would do the same. And I would make up a ** excuse. I still remember a time where he thought I was sleeping and pulled down my pants and he was touching my a** and my p****. The first thing that went through my head was " what is going on why is he doing this" this was the first time it happened. When it finally came out I was scared but relieved. I still thank everyone who is helping me with coping and working through this. Thank you for reading this and I am sorry for everyone that has been through this or worse. You can contact CPS and get the help you need to go to a center that investigates this stuff.

Jan 28

Next Confession

I hate this life.

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