A deep one for you lot

Hey, i just gotta say first how i am so grateful for everything i have and i understand so many people have it worse than me but i need to get this off my chest since i have no one to talk to. I am struggling. I am really really struggling. I'm in a deep place at the moment and no one notices. I am a happy person. I smile all the time and i give everyone advice all the time and i check up on basically everyone i know but no one checks up on me. My happiness tends to be an act just so i don't seem desperate for attention or fake. I don't like people fussing over me but i am really hurting at the moment. Life has hit me in so many ways and i have been through a lifetime of events a child should not experience and i have not told any friends how much i really have been through. My parents are too busy with work and i hate bothering them but life is just so hard at the moment. I just want to run away. Ok that's my rant even though it wasn't much i still feel like i got even a little something off my chest.

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I hate my ** husband

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  • You sound like such a sweet person. If it helps at all, I care about you!!!

  • Thank you so much!

  • I feel for you.

    this post is probable the most real one here. most is just made up fantasy **.

    no one calls me. like who the ** wants to call a depressed old ** anyway. are you ok is just bull **. no one really cares

  • Honestly felt that

  • Ever killed a tight ** ? Try it

  • Your hamster doesn't count bro

  • It is good to understand yourself. It will pay you later on as you advance with age. One can be lonely even in a crowd! Find a hobby, travel a lot - preferably outside of your country for sometime to know other people and culture. You may find it rewarding. Best wishes.

  • Thank you! i would live to travel one day, 100% on my bucket list.

  • I really related to this post, so first of all thank you, obviously I'd prefer if neither of us were going through this but it's nice to identify with you and know I'm not alone. Especially the running away thing!
    I'd totally tell someone about the things you've been through, if you want to. It might help to talk it out. Could always be a counsellor or therapist if you don't feel comfortable talking to friends about it. But if you want to, try your friends - it might open them up, they might share stuff about themselves in return, they may realise the tough place you're in and if they've been neglectful - it might bring you closer. And if they're good people, it's NOT bothering them to talk to your parents; I'm sure they care and would want to know. My mum died a while back and I wish I could talk things through with her.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss and i appreciate this advice. I am glad i am not alone on this and i feel like seeing a therapist or councillor is the best thing for me however i never know how to ask these things hahah. But thank you so much!

  • My fav character in mortal kombat is scorpion bcuz he believes in just one thing ‘die’

  • Felt

  • All my love. You will get there. Speak to friends or a listening stranger. That person below is awful

  • So sweet, thank you so much i appreciate it!

  • ** !
    More ** fiction written by an attention seeking adult.

  • I am not exactly an adult hahaha

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