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I'm the only girl in my family, except for my mom. I'm third on the line and whenever my brothers group, I feel lonely. I like cute stuff, girly but I dont wear one coz Im shy wearing something girly afraid my brothers might tease me. I am so close with my girl classmates and even saying i love you miss you and holding hands. I dont know if Im a lesbian or something. I like to be with girls coz I feel like they can understand me all the time coz were all girls. I am so confused. Am I a lesbian?? or simply seeking for sisterly love??


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  • Kinda weird that you feel like you can't wear girly things around brothers. You shouldn't worry about that. But yeah, definitely sister love. Think there's many others who are the same way.

  • If you just enjoy holding hands and bonding sounds like you're just seeking sisterly love.

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