My dad mentally abuses me

I don't even know what to do anymore. My dad is always taking his anger out on me and I can't take it anymore. No matter what I do he finds a way to make me feel bad for doing anything. I can't tell him out I feel without him telling me that its life and I need to get over it, or if im just not feeling like myself he tells me to just go talk to my mom. He thinks I don't know that he's just living with us till he has enough money to moved back to his home state but I do. I love him with all my heart but I just wish he would leave so my mom and I can be out of pain. If anyone has any advice for me that would be amazing!

Note* I can't afford a therapist so please don't recommend that I go see one:)


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  • Sticking a smiley emoji on the end there makes it sound like your confession is actually a joke. You would be taken more seriously if you didn't do the 'stupid little girl who doesnt know what she wants' routine

  • Is that all your father does? Count yourself lucky. Mine was way worse than that.

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