My Brother-in-Law steals my underwear (I'm male)

This has been going for almost two years, ever since he started basically living here, at my parents' place. I know I'm not paranoid and he has actually done this as the more underwear I buy, the more they disappear. Right now I only got two and I can't find any others anywhere. When I had to go outside before the pandemia that'd p*** me off, as I had to wear the same more than one day, sometimes three days. Because I don't have a car they get sweaty so you get how pathetic I feel about the whole situation. I'm not poor, there's no need for something so stupid as that to be happening. Everybody in this house is unconfortable by this guy 'living' here, he is in his thirties now, doesn't want to find work, study, even when we help him to get a job. It seems like everything he does is, maybe accidentally or on purpose, trying to be a f****** pain in the ass to deal with. Nobody can stand it anymore.
But I don't care tbh, my only problem with him is stealing my underwear and not acknowledging. I just confronted my sister about it, but she got angry, as always with her, she is easily irritable, and said I was delusional and nobody was taking my stuff. I don't know what to do, this is way too ridiculous and it seems like there's no solution, I'll just buy new underwear to share and later give to him everytime. We tried everything, cleaning his at different days from mine, me taking them directly from the washing machine, everything, but everytime he finds a way to take them... wtf I have no idea how lol, as I'm not gonna sleep around the washing machine, I can't chaperone a man ten years older than me, he should know better, it's that asking too much of a man? To just not take your brother in law's clothes. Because he is taller and fatter than me he can't really get away with taking my t-shirts, though he did it once too! And guess what it came back a bit ripped off, because he's fatter... Same as the underwear, always comes back a bit ripped off from his fatter body. Why would he do this and how can I resolve this pathetic situation? She can date whoemever she wants I don't care about that, I just wanna have my clothes lol. My socks and even towels have been reduced too. Like they just disappear, but the socks she already took before, and the towels I have no idea where they are. My problem now is my underwear. Am I too egoistic as she said I was? Am I a bad brother or bad brother-in-law?

Sep 2, 2020

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  • You need to move out if this obvious s*** s****** lives there and won't leave.
    Or punch his lights out
    He is obviously q**** and wants to f*** your a***.

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