Well several moths ago I made a bet with my wife and she finally agreed to put up her p**** in exchange for a $500 dollar bet if I loose on the Trump and Biden race for president.
At the time it showed Biden way ahead in states but I figured that Hillary was ahead in the poles to but she lost.
Several times now she has tried to get me to concede and pay up but I have stubbornly refused and for the last week Trump has been gaining ground fast in the poles so now it is my turn to remind her of the bet and she has tried to weasel out of it but I am going to hold her to it .
I have pictures of several guys now that I have talked to on the internet that are interested after seeing her in a bathing suit and they all know that she will be an unwilling partner if I win but she made the bet and I am going to hold her to it. Less than two months now maybe I should start asking her to concede.

Sep 4, 2020

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  • I am a female why do whatever I can to support Donald Trump and help him get re-elected Almost anything

    my s k y pe is annie price 123

  • Get ready for your wife to pay up because Trump will win his well deserved second term in a landslide! Enjoy.

  • She has watched a couple of his rally's with me and I think she is beginning to realize that she will be paying up with her p**** pretty soon although she still insists that Biden is going to win.
    I expect her to start trying to weasel out of the bet but I am going to hold her to it.
    I have a couple guys in mind right now and one guy I have caught checking her out several times I am sure that he will jump at the chance to bang her.

  • Whitebusinessfox@gmail.com

  • Damn you ain’t getting ANY p****? Funk that!

  • I don't want any I just want to watch her get f***** she loved s** so much I just want to watch I am sure that once she gets started it is going to get wild.

  • Im the same. I have wanted to see my wife with another guy.....any guy....for so many years I've asked her, begged her even.

  • You will never regret it .... but you must be sure to not get jealous if you have to watch

  • We talked about it last night while we were having s** and she is now pretty sure that I will win and has asked to look over the guys I have picked to f*** her so I opened up my pictures and showed her then we went to bed and it turned into a fantastic orgy she kept asking me what I wanted her o do and every time answered she would go wild for awhile then when I told her I was going to old her down and let him butt buck her she really went nuts and she squirted for the first time ever when she came.
    Maybe I am not going to have to wait for the election.

  • I want my wife to get bred by a stranger while I watch

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