Wife loses bet

My wife and I enjoy football and watch a lot of games. We have friends over and have a good time. We didn’t always pick the same team to win and once my wife was so confident she wanted to bet. She wanted to bet 500 dollars. I told her that I would bet if she was so confident but instead of paying me 500 if I won I wanted her to strip down to a thong in front of our guests. She was so confident she agreed. I invited a few guy friends over to watch the game with us. She was getting pretty cocky with only about 2 minutes to go in the game. Her team was winning and it looked like I was going to be out 500 dollars. Somehow my team recovered a fumble and ended up scoring and going ahead. With about 5 seconds left her team kicked a field goal that put her ahead and she was whooping it up but there was a flag on the play and they had to kick again. This time they missed and I won. My wife was ** that she lost. She went into the bedroom. The guys who didn’t know about the bet said wow she really gets into the game. I laughed and said no she just lost a bet and now has to payoff. I few minutes later my wife opened the bedroom door and walked back out in just a thong. She shyly came into the room and shocked the guests. They were whooting and whistling and I said this is how she had to pay off the bet. She was red with embarrassment as all of us were admiring her pretty ** and her slim body in just a thong. As part of the bet she couldn’t cover up and had to let everyone look at her. Some of the guys commented on her long hard **. She blushed and said oh come on you guys but had to stand there as all the guys got closer for a better look. She stood letting everyone look for about 15 minutes and I told her she could get dressed. The guys were getting ready to leave and she came back out to say goodbye in just a mini skirt. I laughed and she blushed and said everyone has seen them already anyway. She said goodbye to everyone and they left. She turned to me and said I’m still ** about the game. I laughed and she said OMG I can’t believe I came out here in a thong and they all looked me over. I smiled and said yes they did. Want to bet on next weeks game? She said if we do I want 1000 dollars if I win. I laughed and said for that kind of money she would have to get naked if she lost. She blushed and said It was hard enough in a thong no way she could get naked. We haven’t had a bet since but she was so shy and embarrassed at showing herself in a thong I hope she takes the bet someday. Would love to show her off naked and she knows it. Still waiting for that bet.

Jul 28

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  • My wife lost a similar bet and the next time I had the guys over she had to hostess **. I explained to the guys that she would be ** because she lost a bet and they were all for it. When they all got there for the game my wife went into the back bedroom and put on a pair of jean shorts and high heels and came to the kitchen **. The guys were in the living room and hadn’t seen her yet. I gave her 4 beers to give to the guys and she went to the living room to pass them out. The guys cheered and whistled and my wife blushed showing her ** to everyone. Her legs looked great in her shorts and high heels too and the guys were giving her plenty of compliments. She came back to the kitchen where I was. It was nice watching her ** bounce and move as she walked. My wife is 40 with 36 d’s that sag just a little but they are pretty and move as she walks. She said OMG its so wierd showing my ** to the guys. I said trust me they love em. She was our ** hostess for the entire game. She would blush as the guys would say hey you with the pretty ** can I get a beer? She would take them sandwiches and beer. As she bent over to give them their stuff her ** would be hanging right in front of them. Some would be slow to take what she brought them and stare and tell her how nice her ** were. I loved it. Later she said once she got used to them looking she made a point of letting them look and would shake em to let them know they were real. A few commented on her hard long ** and she would look at them on point and blush. She said she knew she was paying a bet but had fun.

  • Lol. I lost a sports bet with my wife and had to wear her undies for a week

  • I bet your real fantasy is to see her get naked and take on the guys while you watch?

  • Nope, but I do like showing her off.

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