Wife Susan

It was beautiful for over a year now I have had this desire to watch my wife having s** with another man but when I would bring it up she would refuse to discuss it but she never flat out told e to forget it so I would sometimes bring it up wen we were having s** and she would let me talk about it and her body responded to it also so I still had some hope but this election did the trick.
We have watched it closely all through the democrats fighting for 1st place and I was surprised because I thought that gal from Hawaii was going the best but she dropped out of the race then it looked like Bernie but he to lost out leaving the worst one that I thought Joe Biden being the candidate.
It was laughable because I have always voted republican and she got upset so I said bet me and right off she was willing to make a $100.00 bet on who was to be the winner but wouldn't agree when I told her my bet was she had to let me watch her have s** with one of my friends .
She was so sure tat Biden would win that she agreed to do it for $500.00 bucks though and she was excited because she was sure that he was going to beat Trump and the poles backed her up so for the last several months I have listened to her laughter every time the poles showed him in the lead and once she said now I am going to hold you to your bet Larry and I want it to be in cash.
When I would retort and say OK but I fully intend to make you pay up to but I was a little worried myself since the poles always showed Biden ahead in all the states until Hunter Biden lost his lap tops and it became known that he and Joe have been dealing with other country's and Joe is now loosing his place so it is my turn to.
Several weeks ago I withdrew $500 bucks out of my savings in hundred dollar bills so she could see it and know that I was ready to pay up if I lost but now it was my turn to crow a little . Sue still insists that Biden will win but she is more quiet and now I am telling her you know you are going to loose why not just give in and let David f*** you.
I had thought about several of my friends that I was going to pick but I settled on David we had gone through High School together and played football and in the showers I have seen that he has a very long c*** at least 6 inches soft he is Black and white mix but he is not really dark black but more like a lite chockalott color and Susan likes him to but she had no idea that he was my choice until a couple weeks ago when he came over to watch one of Trumps rally's with me and we had a beer and we were talking when Sue left the room she hates to watch Trump Rally's.
I told him about our bet and he agreed to do it if Trump won so I told Susan later that night and she just shrugged her shoulders still defiant and said whoever you are going to loose but I could tell that she was no longer positive and yesterday David came over to watch Trump in Pennsylvania and it was fantastic there was 29 or30 thousand people there as we watched and Sue would come in once in awhile with her glass of wine and watch for a few minutes as David and I drank our beer laughing and talking once when Sue came in I said hon David knows about our bet and I have asked him to do the honors and she was shocked she looked back and forth at him and I in disbelief then she fled back to the kitchen. Several times I caught her peeking around the corner at us and I could see that she was getting a little drunk then she confronted us standing there in front of me with an unreadable look on her face and she said David id a nice guy and I don't think he will make me do it will you David ?
David has been looking forward to this ever since I mentioned it to him and he said you made the bet Susan I am sorry but you did hey I got take a leak and he left the room as Sue and I half ass argued and she tried t get me to change my mind as David came back in and I said you know that Biden will loose ad Dave is here right now on gust do it and David stepped up behind her and laid his hands on her hips pressing his body up against hers and her body went rigid as she looked at me her expression still unreadable as David's hands began to slide up her sides then he cupped her b****** and her hands reacted taking his wrists and tried to get away but David began to message her b****** through her blouse and Susan released his hands and lowered them to her sides as he began to unbutton her blouse and Susan just stood there looking at me her expression never changed just that blank unreadable stare as he freed her b****** and began to maul them with his fingers I watched fascinated as he tweaked her nipples and kissed the back of her neck as she stood there like a statue staring at me with that .
I don't know how long this went on until with one hand David took her hand and moved it so that he could rub his c*** with her hand and Susan let him fold her fingers around his rigid c*** and he moved her hand up and down his shaft through his pants then he released her and Susan stroked his c*** several times before she stopped again looking at me and I was getting uncomfortable but I couldn't stop now I had wanted this for the longest time
I croaked out my throat felt dry lets go into the bedroom and like a sleep walker Susan followed David as he led her into our room and she just stood there with the blank unreadable stare as he undressed her and he removed his cloths and Susan let him lay her back on the bed and he pushed her thighs apart as Susan turned her head and looked at me then he kicked her p**** and her body jerked and I heard her gasp but then se regained her control and he licked her for a long time then he began to finger her until I could see her fluids n his fingers and his c*** was up tight against his belly as he stood and pushed her legs farther apart then Susan surprised me by taking off her wedding band and she said you take this i cant do it wearing your ring.
I held her ring and watches as David rubbed his c*** head up and down her slit several times until I saw her fluids coating his c*** head then he positioned his c*** head in her slit and began to force it into her and I watched again fascinated as her p**** opened and let his c*** inside of her I could see by the ring of her fluids around his c*** how deep he was in her and I watched my c*** as hard as his was as more and more of is c*** slipped into her .
Several times I glanced at Sue but she still had that blank unreadable look I couldn't tell if she was enjoying this or not as David lifted her legs up over his chest and he began to f*** her we were all silent just the wet sounds of wet flesh meeting wet flesh her b****** were moving in circles and her nipples were hard and the Oder of their s** filled the room it was almost intoxicating they silently coupled for a long time then David stopped and I asked are you cummings but he gasped out no I just don't want to c** yet as he stood there with his c*** in my wife for long moments begore he resumed f****** then again he stopped and pulled his c*** out and said on your knees and Sue quickly rolled over onto her belly and raised her ass in the air and David jammed his c*** back into her grabbing her hips and the slap slap slapping sounds were kind of like a person running with flip flops on only wetter Susan was no longer looking at me her face was in the blankets and her hands were around her face as David f***** her faster and faster with her b****** franticly swinging in circles beneath her .
David gasped out I think she is C****** and I could see her moisture running out of her and down her legs but she didn't make a sound and then David said I'm gonna c** and he speeded up grunting UGH HA HA HAAA as he pulled her tight against him and i watched his ass cheeks clench and clench as he filled her with his sperm as Sue huddle there on her knees unresisting his thrusts until he relaxed gasping for breath and his c*** went soft and slipped lifelessly out of Susan hanging there as Susan cupped her p**** and dashed into the bathroom..
David stood there for a few moments then he said you better pray that Trump wins now and he dressed and left.
Sue wouldn't talk about it and went to bed but I couldn't sleep all night long I revisited what I had seen over and over and now I am waiting for her to wake up and see how she reacts this morning.

Nov 1, 2020

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