Obsessed and in love with my brother

My name is Betty, I'm 25 years old. I'm getting married in two months. But can't stop having s** with my older brother Max. I was 13 when it started he was 15.

We love each other so much, i can only c** with him. We make love or oral 2 or 3 times a day. My fiancee has never made me c**, and not very good in bed. He a good guy, but I don't love him.

My parents are pushed me to marry him as he is wealthy. I only want Max, he is my world and I'm his.

How do I get out of this marriage?

Sep 8, 2020

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  • Why get out of it?
    Look, you can't marry your Brother so you might as well marry a nice guy who has some things going for him.
    You and ur Brother can still s**** and have fun.
    If you really love ur Brother that much, maybe allow him to impregnate you...you guys will always share that.
    Good Luck!

  • To answer your question, "How do I get out of this marriage?", only YOU know if you have the strength to stand up to those who are trying to dictate your life to you. If your parents are compelling you to marry for money, they are NOT thinking of your feelings, only your financial well-being. If, for them, your happiness is secondary to financial security, perhaps you would be emotionally happier if you were not in close proximity to them. If you and Max are capable of supporting yourselves, and he is in agreement with what YOU want, I'd say the answer is obvious: Separate yourselves from your parents. Pushing a daughter to marry a man she doesn't love, simply because the man is wealthy is a despicable thing to do.

  • You're in a tough spot. About 96% of the global human population is incapable of understanding how you feel about your brother. One thing is essentially certain: Marrying a man you don't love will make your life miserable. Unfortunately, the biased, prejudiced, bigoted, discriminatory, ignorant masses will all do whatever they can to cause you emotional distress, if you pursue a relationship with your brother.

    If the ignorant people who call you "sick", "sinner", "disgusting", etc, would simply EDUCATE themselves, your world would be much more tolerable. Unfortunately, those ignorant people are far too arrogant to even ADMIT they don't know what they're talking about, because they truly believe they DO know. (Ask any one of them to explain "Westermarck" to you . . . they can't).

    The most simple-minded of the bunch LOVE to quote passages from their preferred religious text. About 1/4 of humanity believes the Holy Bible to be "absolute truth", and that all OTHER religious texts are fictional. Another 1/4 follow the writings in the Koran. When you consider how many millions have been slaughtered, throughout the history of mankind, in wars fought under the guise of "religious conviction", you might agree that 'organized religion' is mankind's most idiotic invention.

    The most important question I would ask is, "How does your brother feel about you"? Are his feelings based on both familial and romantic ("double") love, or would he consider himself more 'lusty' than 'loving'? If you've never had an honest, frank discussion with him about how he feels, PRIOR to any wedding is the time to do so.

    Be absolutely sure (or, as certain as you CAN be) of his true feelings for you, before making any sort of commitment.

    Above all else, ignore the hurtful comments of ignorant people, and beware of those who've assumed a position of authority, for they are the most arrogant of all.

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