I need help to stop this

Really struggling with masturbation and ** addiction. I hate how I'm struggling to overcome this. The lockdown has made it worse

Next Confession

I intend to plead guilty despite being innocent

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  • I too have become addicted. The lockdown is good in that I had my first ** a few months ago. I am now addicted to reading ** stories and letting my imagination go as I **. I think of boys watching and even sometimes another girl. My only fear is getting caught. My sister does it, mom's boyfriend is cool, but mom would have a hissy even though I have heard many noises from her when getting boned. So I go nice and easy, keeping myself on the edge, until I am alone. I want to share myself, but writing this is the only way I know how. It makes me so wet. I think of telling my friend but I am not sure what she would say.

  • You're not alone, the same has happened to me, and many many other people. My advise is to look at your local SAA chapter website. They have good reading material, and they have dial-in meetings, which you can join, you don't have to be specific or even talk, but just being there and listening helps.
    Don't scared off by the 12 step stuff, and it's not religion specific. If possible look for a good therapist that deals with **/** addiction. You can get better, and please remember you're not alone and it doesn't last forever. Hang in there! ;)

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