My bf used to date a TS (identifies as a female)

My boyfriend just told me his last relationship was with a TS (identifies as female). They were together for 18 months and VERY sexually active together. He told me this after we starting having unprotected s**. I’m 19 & he’s 24. Is this something I should mention at my next OBGYN visit? I feel it is but I also sounds like I’m being discriminating and judging toward others because it was my boyfriend that had s** with them, not me. I’m afraid if I bring it up I’ll offend someone at the Dr’s office. Or am I just making a deal out of nothing?

Sep 13, 2020

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  • Go to the doctor's tomorrow.

    However, I'm more worried about why you are more worried about what other people think of you being offensive than YOUR OWN SEXUAL HEALTH!! Like wtf?!! Your health is more important than being offensive.

  • The bigger problem you have is that you'll never be able to keep him off her. He will always go back to her for more. What they have is true love and true heat, and what the two of you have is conventional and cold and boring. You can't compete with her and you never will. Her c*** is soooooooo much better than yours and he cannot possibly stop thinking about it or going back to it. She will tell you to your face that he is her property.

    And it's true, dear.

    She owns him. That's what trans do. They take control. Possession. Ownership. She will laugh in your face when she comes to take him from you. Trans love the drama of confrontation and claiming. You don't stand a chance. But then ..... You already know that don't you? You've heard the way he talks about her. That reverance he has for her and her "equipment"? That's love. Am I wrong? You have never heard him speak with such adoration for you, have you? No, of course not. Because he doesn't love you. Not at all. He loves her. ONLY her. She does things for him that you can't. He will soon go home to her. And if he doesn't, she will come to wherever the two of you are, she will walk in with that C*** hanging out in the open, and she will have him drop to his knees and suck it in front of you, just to prove her dominion. You don't have a relationship with him. She does. What you have is an arrangement. And its cheap and meaningless. And she will soon break it into a million pieces. Right in front of you. While she laughs and you cry. That's the trans way. Prepare yourself.

  • Spoken like a true mental case. **HE** (the one with the long hair and limp wrists) is only as effective as HE is manipulative and OP's bf is weak-minded. I don't have a problem with trans per se, but the ones who are deluded and sociopathic enough to be like this, well... maybe it's time to bring back lynchings for that kind.

  • Absolutely mention it ..,,

  • Yes mention it

  • *shakes head furiously* No! NonoNO!! There is nothing to worry about! Because trans people are magical and beautiful no matter what, so there is JUST NO WAY there could POSSIBLY be any fallout from being with someone who's had s3x with one. If anything you should have superpowers now, with the ability to fling artisanal gluten-free environmentally friendly glitter everywhere you go!! *nods head frantically in SJW*

  • Trans people magical and wonderful ?
    F*** off !!!
    Trans people are weird, defects, God's mistakes and should be put to death.

  • That was sarcasm, idiot. Are you unable to recognize it without brightly colored pictures?

  • Of course you should mention it...

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