Humans were a mistake

I've been thinking about this ever since I started listening to this podcast called Lore. A brief summary of it is it tell real stories of real people usually involved with something otherworldly or supernatural which then branches off and becomes folklore. Many of the stories are dark and tell of our mistakes as humans. From believing in that someone close to them has been switched with a stranger and they ended up killing that person to get the "real" one back, to witchcraft and killing innocent lives just because their neighbors hated them. That was enough to make me not want to interact with anyone- but then I started looking at the world around me. How much we take but never give, how we destroy and expect it to still stand because we need it for something else. In science class we learned about parasites and how they're basically creatures who harm other living things for their own benefit. Humans are parasites. Humans should have never been placed on this beautiful planet. Humans were a mistake, that can now never be fixed.

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  • It's always the exceptional morons who unthinkingly reply like this to any comment like this or overpopulation. There is ALWAYS at least one, and all it does is prove OP's point.

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