Mother in law enjoyed it

The other night while my mother in law was staying at our house I got my wife all worked up in bed, She is not great at contorling her vocalizations during s** and her mom must have listened to the whole thing being her room is right under ours. My wife was trying to be quiet but it didn't work and after we were done I went outside for a smoke,.
I noticed the light on in the office/spare room and decided to take a little peek, She had the door closed, Lamp on and was sitting up against the headboard in the buff, saggy little boobies jiggling and her legs spread while she rubbed her hairy little m***, I was kinda surprised, she looks half decent for 57 and she must be half decently tight because she only had one finger in. She hammered herself and then had a little shaking O which made her b**** jiggle even more and then she slid down on the bed and just laid there for a couple minutes with her legs spread and squeezed her b**** with one hand and softly massaged her hair pie with the other then rolled over, Her s***** actually looks really good, Full innie, She Grabbed her clothes and got dressed, I went back inside and went to bed.
So...Thanks to my wife's mom for the little show and you're welcome for the inspiration.

Sep 19, 2020

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  • Next time f*** your mother in law. she needs it.

  • Similar but different, My mom remarried 3 years ago, I went and stayed at her house for a weekend which was super awkward because I hadn't stayed there since they started living together, I went for drinks at a friends place and when I came back I walked past their room, The lamp was on and how could you not look when you walk past a room with the lamp on. Well, There is my 55 year old mom on her knees and her 58 year old husband standing in front of her, Holaaayyy crap, dude has a BIG c***, Good for you mom, I had a peek for a few seconds but it was too weird watching my mom suck c*** so I went inside and went to bed. I tried to sleep but the image of his c*** kept entering my mind so I slipped off my panties and rubbed one out and fell asleep.

  • So sad. You are not a good son in law.

    A good son in law would have walked in and said, “Mom, you look like you could use some help. I think I have exactly what you need. Let me slip it right in.” Then lick her p**** when she was about to c** and is nice and wet you slip in that hard c***.

    As you slip it in you tell her, “ you are so beautiful and you feel sooo perfect. I love the way my c*** feels inside of you. You know that I have wanted to do this from the time I first met you. I only hope that (insert wife’s name here) feels as good as you when she matures. You are incredible! “. Then pound her make her o***** and fill her with c**.

    When your done pull it out give her a passionate kiss. Find a way to place your c*** “accidentally”. Near her face. If your lucky she will suck it. If not don’t force it. Just get dressed then kiss her p**** give it a little lick and before you leave kiss her on the forehead and tell her, “ Mom, you are incredible. That was the best s** I have ever had and a dream come true. It’s our little secret. But I hope it’s not the last”

    The above is a true story. When I stayed at my daughter’s house in Austin a few years back I heard them f****** hard. I was 52 at the time and couldn’t help my self. My son in law walked in as I was 3 fingers deep and the rest is written above. I’ve been getting a little action at least once a year now for the last 10 years! Once he said we have to stop this. I told him I don’t get what I deserve I will let out our little secret.

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