Filing a Lawsuit

I want to file a lawsuit against someone. When I was 13 (19 now) I had a problem playing with fire. I had a legitimate mental disorder called "child pyromania." I was taken to a psychiatrist and imminently and she frivolously medicated me on a class of drugs that I'm intolerant to. My parents have spent a fortine trying to correct the damage that she caused.

1. How I will prove malpractice
Standard of care- Treatment I received was unconventional, when routine conventional care is more effective.
Causation- Being medicated (primarily ssri’s) frivolously has caused me long-term anguish and has negatively impacted my quality of life over the past six years.
Damages- Prove that the amygdala in my brain shrunk from when I was on SSRI’s. Massive financial burden from all of my mental healthcare.
-Unconventional treatment harmed me, routine treatment is effective with a fraction of the risk.
-Caused long term anguish, effected quality of life, and massive financial burden.
-Damaged my brain and psyche.

2. Tests to take
•Mri (Magnetic Resonance Imagine)
•Ct (Computed tomography)
•CYP450 (Cytochrome p450) gene test

Do you think I have a chance in court? I want to give a massive amount of the settlement to my parents.



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  • Why are you filling a lawsuit? You want money the easy way? There is no lawyer that will take your case pro bono. That means no money up front. You don't have a case Just because you feel that you got the wrong treatment is no proof of unprofessional treatment. Lawsuits cost a lot of money and the therapist has medical malpractice insurance and they have more money and lawyers then you will ever have. It's takes tens of thousands of dollars and years to settle a lawsuit. But go see a lawyer and see for your self.

  • Both of my doctors, including the one that appointed me to her, agree that what she did was malpractice. I was considering an out of court settlement to avoid court, but I'm heavily considering letting this go just because it would be so hard to get justice.

  • It would be impossible to prove unless your therapist used unapproved techniques that your guardians didn’t approve of. S***** therapy and ineffective drugs simply won’t do it.

  • Her care was unconventional and f***** me up. Behavioral theropy was what I needed

  • I don't know what State you lived in when all this happened, but you're going to have some statute of limitations problems no matter what, even though most states don't count the time you were under 18 against you. But you need to talk to a lawyer where you live now and see what they think. If you know somebody who practices law, or if you have a friend with a lawyer relative, go there first: familiarity is always helpful. If you don't have any existing contacts, and will be scouring Yellow Pages or other attorney ads, just know that Medical malpractice is a very complex practice area, so if possible, go to somebody who advertises an emphasis or specialty in that type of claim (different states also have different rules about what can and can't be advertised as a "specialty", so you may not see that word in an advertisement, but the absence of it doesn't necessarily mean they can't represent you.) Main thing? Actually, there are two: (1) Don't spend a lot of time looking. You'll need representation in a hurry if you're going to do ANYthing about this, because your clock is ticking. (2) don't rely on legal advice from online sites, including this one, and including me. GO TALK TO A LAWYER. LIKE THIS WEEK, IF POSSIBLE. Stop s******* around. You have work to do. And lastly, this situation sounds like there could be liability for the pharmacy manufacturer, too, not just the doctor. So be sure to mention that to your lawyer and have him or her check class action suit data bases; there may already be lawsuits in motion out there(or money held in escrow). Lots of work to do. Get busy!

  • Nope Not a snowballs chance in HeII. You just could have sent to juvenile jail and got no treatment. So now you are cured you don't start fires? If so the treatment worked. If not then you are aFUCKEDup sick idiot that needs to turn yourself into the police.

  • That was all 6 years ago. I had behavioral issues that were corrected soon after but I was still f***** up. I never set any serious fires. Jail would have corrupted me even more.

  • OP is too dumb to know how do laundry but has had CPS on speed dial all their life

  • This is what people have bred: two generations and counting of perpetual babies who can't figure out how a broom works, but are all over legal issues where they get to play victim. Thank god I never made any of you losers!!

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