My wife's niece has been staying with us while her parents are renovating a large portion of the house, Two weeks now and yesterday I came home from work, heard...Sounds like a couple hooking up and was like "Oh no, Not in my house" (She's 16) and I stormed down the hall, Flung open the door and OOOPS...She was alone, Spread eagle, Actually bigger b**** than I would have guessed and had a toy...What 16 year old has her own toy, But anyway she had it b**** deep and she just froze, Wide eyed and started shaking.
I was like "I...Uh...Oh s*** sorry" and then the weirdest thing happened, I was just about to back out of the room but she made eye contact with me, Hands at her sides and locked eyes as she...Finished, She still had her toy on, Scrunched up the sheets and moaned "Oh f*** yesssssss" while she moaned and shook and then twisted her body as she pulled her toy out. I was...mesmerized and she pulled her toy out, Waved her hands at me and said "Just...Just..Ooohhh god" and I backed out of the room, closed the door and we have not spoken about it.

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  • Are you people serious.... Oh my God 🤣

  • Yeh they post this fake confession to get sick replies.They are a bunch of sickFUCKING incest loving A$$holes.

  • Not technically incest. No blood, no incest.

  • Opportunity awaits

  • Poor girl. She was embarrassed.

    But most of all, I think she wanted you to finish. I thought you were going to say you did finish her off.

    You would be her favorite uncle if you did

  • Agreed, they love uncle doing stuff

  • She needscock by 16 you should have done her already

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