I hate religion

This Theology student flunkout kept preaching to me at work. I didn't give a shot about anything he said. When I told him his religion was full of s*** he said "You just keep thinking like that" If we had not been at work I'd have kicked his ugly little ass.

The experience with him and religious believers, in general, has left me with a deep abiding hatred of religion which has lasted over the decades.

If some superior to man being actually does exist it could not possibly be what these people say he is. To appearances, he just made things and then left to go elsewhere and never came back.

Sep 20, 2020

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  • I wish you'd had better experiences with believers than you've, because I'm afraid they've tainted your impressions of the faith. A close, personal relationship with God would seriously change your life, and entirely for the good. So, I'm sorry you haven't yet had that, but I pray you have it soon. It's been said that there's nothing wrong with Christianity that can't be cured by ridding it of the Christians. Sadly, that is sometimes true. I'll be generous and say that my brothers and sisters whom you've encountered may have been overenthusiastic in their expressions because they love you much and want salvation for you so much that perhaps they appear aggressive towards you. Or worse . . . they may seem judgmental of you. But please don't hold it against them. Or the Church. Or God. Instead, exercise the principal component of Christianity: forgiveness. And then open your heart and mind to God and allow Him to enter in and reside there. He will bless you greatly.

  • Maybe save your speechifying for those members of your little tribe who cause the kind of negative regard reflected by the OP. Even when you're selling the "good cop" routine, you people just can't resist a little condescension toward those you see as outside the fold, can you? Pathetic.

  • Some religeous people are wonderful. They are caring and do a huge amount for others. Some though let dogma and doctrine blind them to the true nature of their God.

  • Yes, there are wonderful religious people. You often don't know right away that they're religious. The worst ones are the ones who lead with that and use it as a weapon. There are far too many of that kind.

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