Wifes pleasures...... husbands perks. Life is good.

Wife has maintained at least one boy toy and at times 2 at one time for months for over 40 years non stop and she has not slowed down. The perfect wife. She gets what she wants and so do I. She services me like no other wife I've heard about in so many ways. I'm married to the perfect **/** smokin hot & ** wife. I love this game.

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Seen half naked in the fitting room

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  • You love the game until she makes you sleep in the guest room or kicks you out of the house for the weekend while she screws her lover. She may even let you watch but in the end its her game and you are just a **.

  • Go ** yourself

  • My wife and I were both virgins when we started dating. While I was her first, she had ** with several guys while we were dating and engaged. Since we have been married (45 years now), she has had ** with over 100 guys. The best ** for me is after another guy has come inside her.

  • Enjoy the next decade - My wife is well over 300 guys and still looking every day.

  • I know how you feel my wife has always slept around on me. I don't mind that she's sleeping with other men. I can't keep up with her ** drive lol.and im the one who benefits. She's learned a lot about **. And the best part is that now she can ** easily. It's all good. Im happy and she more than happy. She always asks me if it's okay if she brings a guy home. Or she stays out and goes to his place. But she always comes home to me. Gotta love a woman like that.

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