I’m scared of black strangers now

Every time I see a black man I don’t know, I wonder if he wants to kill or hurt me just because I’m white now. I never thought of such things before, and now I can’t shake this disgusting fears.

Sep 25, 2020

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  • Okay now imagine this your whole life and if you were to be killed there would be little justice done for you and you've got the life of a black person

  • I'm scared of people like you.

    You're the sort - to get innocent black people killed by the police, because of your misgivings and prejudice.

    I feel sick at the thought of you jumping at your own shadow, when a black person crosses your path, minding their own business. God forbid, police won't be present - they may misconstrue your jumpy behaviour and shoot those individuals.

  • I don’t fear black people. But as a 48 year old white woman I crave their c****

  • Oh my God. This crap again. Stop it already

  • Why don't you state instead, that you're afraid of black people in general? Why only men of black racial ethnicity?

  • OP thinks it's able to turn itself white. It's not rooted in any kind of reality you or I would recognize.

  • Lol I agree

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