Straight Male Lifeguard in College started pleasing guys

So I am in college and lifeguard at the pool part time while living on campus. One of my lifeguard friends she was really cool we would hang out. She would always talk about the men's water polo team. I knew some of the guys as I life guarded for them as well. One time her and I and several of the guys from the swim teach went for pizza after their practice. It was nice getting to know them, other than seeing them swim. I do like girls but hanging with these guys was really nice. I got to know a few of them and we exchange number as we ended up going hiking and snowboarding a few times. As I got to know them, I also got to know all the men's team players. They would invite me after their practice and we would go out to eat and I guess they liked having me hang with them. But I am a guy, which was cool to me. The other girl lifeguard would tell me that the guys had a fun time when I hung with them. One weekend we all went snowboarding. We all got rooms. The swim team guys got their own rooms and the other lifeguard and I got one. I was like of like her best friend which was cool to me. I noticed that the guys seemed to treat both her and I the same. Really nice. Which was cool. Her and I are about the same height about 5-6. As a male I am more like a girls height I know. The swim team they are all tall like most guys all over 6 foot. So I am used to looking up at them. After that trip, after their practice and me life guarding them, the guys had me over and were all having pizza at one of the guy's place. They asked me if she, the other life guard was my girlfriend, I laughed and said no we are just friends. They said but she is cute right. I said yes she is pretty I would say. One of the guys said kindly, that it would be hard for him to sleep in the same room without having a strong desire to flirt with her hoping to be with her. I said yes but she had a boyfriend. They asked me, but if she did have a boyfriend would you have? I said "have what"? They said had s** with her. I said no because she trusts me and we are friends. One asked me so in the hotel room when snowboarding did she change in front of you. I said yes of course. She trusts me. They said so you saw her like nude. I said well yes I have and many times topless for sure but its no big deal to me. I mean she has a boyfriend and she trusts me. I also said, I am sure that all of you would have loved to have seen her because she has beautiful firm b******. Then they said and you did not wanna touch them. Im like um no. They said that is awesome of you. So then they started asking more about me which was cool. We had pizza and they had beer and they knew I liked this strawberry pineapple wine cooler so we hung out. They were fun and they seemed to like having me around which felt really nice. I was not sure what was going on with hot I was feeling but I felt a sense of warmth comfort. That made me wanna be with them even more. Some of the guys during the week would text me and call so we would chat. Some of the guys, well most had girlfriends. Anytime they seemed to not be with their girlfriend or if he was having problems a guy would call me and we would talk. I liked talking to them and I liked helping out by talking. I felt compassion especially for those around spring break when the girls were away. Once one of the guys came to my place. He missed his girlfriend as she was home for spring break. It seemed like they had kind of broke up too. He asked me to go for pizza so we did. I was going to pay then he said he would like to pay since I have been so nice talking. He got a beer and asked if I wanted one and he said oh way you like those fruit wine ones right. I laughed and said yes so he got me one. So we ate, then walked down by the river which was close to his place so he asked if I wanted to come in. I said yes Id like that. He had such a cool place and I guess he liked me commenting. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie and I said sure. He is like what kind do you like, I said usually comedy or romantic ones usually. But I said if you want to watch an action movie is fine with me. He said no its cool so he picked with romantic comedy. Into the movie, he told me that he is no longer with his girlfriend. That they broke up several weeks before spring break. I said on I am so sorry I know that must me difficult not having her around. He said yes it has been. He said, but I am straight but for some reason you are so easy to talk to and you seem to like listening to me. You seem so attentive when I am talking. I said well yes its the polite thing to do right. He said well yes. He said its just and please do not take this the wrong way but it is welcoming how you are so like I notice how much you look into my eyes and are like really listening to me. Its kind of how a girl does. Its really nice. I said well thank you while smiling. Then he commented that I seemed to have liked that. He kinda teased me a little. Something about the movie, me sitting next to him on his sofa and well he is like 6-4 so much much taller than me, but his voice, his eyes, and him looking down at me made me feel like i never had. I felt all like hot, kinda weak, nervous, but yet he calmed me. Before I knew it he stretched and his arm was kind of around me. Well over my head. Remember, I am 5-6. But he made me like feel all tingly. I had no idea of even what to say after that. He would tell me how he would sit there with his girlfriend. He said she was probably a littler taller than you but he thanks me for being there for him. I was like in a shy soft voice that I could hardly get my words out I said "thank you" as I looked up at him. We watched the movie. But I did not know what to do so we watched. He leaned towards me a little, which felt nice. the top of my head was like at his arm pit pretty much. He said in soft deep voice, is that ok, like with my arm. I said, well I looked up at him not saying a work and shook my head yes. He said you can lean in in you like, and as I did, my body relaxed and I felt his arm like gently holding me towards his chest. During the movie I would feel his fingers gently caressing against my arm. We just watched the rest of the movie. After he walked me to my place. At my door, he told me he really enjoyed the time with me. I said I was happy to hear because I did as well. He gave me a little nudge with his fist gently toward my chest and rubbed softly against my cheek and he said goodnight. I texted him later to make sure he got home fine. He said can I call you? I said yes of course. We talked and it seemed like he made my whole body relax, kind of tingly. I never had felt that way. The following day I told me friend, the other life guard who was a girl. She said she would keep it a secret but she said you know how guys are. I said what do you mean. She said he probably might just want to be with you. You know he misses having a girlfriend. She said did you like being with him? I said yes. How did he make you feel. I told her that I was nervous, but yet calm. I had no idea of what to do but I felt safe and secure and warm. I also said I had no idea of what I was supposed to do. She said that is a good sign , the say he is, the say he makes you feel, and you not knowing what to do. She further said I know you are a guy but the way it sounds just relax. He is a guy. You do not have to do a thing. Trust me. Just relax he will know what to do. It is his nature to lead. I said really I do not have to do a thing. She said of course not silly just relax. Its like if you were a girl. I said yes but I am not. She said it does not matter. He is a male, trust me he will know what to do. That is the best part of being a female is that the male takes the lead. You are lucky. I was like I am. She said yes of course. I said but why am I a little scared and nervous. She said well are you scared and nervous enough to not feel safe and not want to be with him? I said oh not not at all. She said do you like the feeling of being with him and how he is making you feel, despite you not knowing what to do. I said yes I love it actually. It a nice feeling. She said even for girls it natural to feel nervous. I mean seriously guys are taller, more muscular and we a female we are essentially allowing them to relax our bodies so they can make love to us and breed us. Its beautiful she said. I said but I am a guy. She kissed me on my cheek and said don't worry, relax let him lead. I promise. That night he called me to say hello. I like answered like immediately, trying not to act like I was hoping he would call. I think he could tell because I picked up immediately anyway. He said you sound happy. I said yes I am. He said are you busy tonight with studies or anything. I said that I was not. He said, cool that he was making pasta and he had realized that he made a lot so he asked me to come over to have some. I said that is nice of you and yes I would love to. I arrived at his place. I was so nervous. But I kept hearing my friend say to me don't worry just relax. So I did. I just had to keep reminding myself. But hearing her voice tell me made it easier. His pasta was really good. He even made me this wine cooler with pineapple and strawberry that I like. With him serving me, making me this cooler, he had music on, it was nice. I kept taking deep breaths to relax. It was like I was on a first date with a girl and I did not want to mess anything up. But he was nice and I just relaxed. Later we sat on his sofa. I told him dinner was amazing and the drink was really sweet of him to remember that I liked it. And he made it himself. There was no alcohol or anything in it so just sparkling water and fruit. I said girls must love this. He said love what. I said how you are. He said don't take this the wrong way but id love to kiss you. Then we did. It was like I was a girl. It was amazing. Yes he penetrated, inseminated me. He was satisfied. It was beautiful.

Sep 25, 2020

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  • Sounds like fun. I have pleasured most of my “straight friends when there girls ware away. I’ve even gotten to taste their girlfriends on them when I pleasured them

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