I am a crossdresser from Lakeland fl. And I want to be exposed .I love dressing up and going to stop I love to go out and watch people who are watching me. It is so funny I was at the mall yesterday and I was sitting at food court in th he mall and you could see people talking about you but for the most part not a lot of bad comments this women walk to my table and ask if she could sit down I said yes but you might not want to I am a crossdresser and I thought so .so we talk about me her and all kinds of things and then she if she could walk with me around the mall I said yes she ask what I looking for I told her some me we bras panties a dress or skirt she lets go shopping so off we went had lots of fun shopping with her got everything I needed and she got what she wanted so we where going to are cars she said give me your number and I call you so we exchanged numbers and she went too her car I went to mine .and she called me yesterday and invited me to dinner at her house so I get there and go in and there are two teenagers and a man her husband I was shocked and she introduced me as Cassie to eeveryone it was so friendly and fun there we had and yes there water questions and I told my whole store and to my surprise the kids and husband was really ok with it so I now a straight women with kids and husband who all are ok with me being a crossdresser and her and I were in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and told me that here and her family are my friends and I was welcome at there house anytime I said thank you it made me tear up a little and she hudded me so we talk and finish up went and talk to everyone for awhile then I got ready to and she walk me to my car kisseach other on the cheek and I went it was one of the best days I had I made a friend not only with her but wit her family it made my feminine side come very alive and I feel so good about myself And being a crossdresser I love it

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  • I'm happy for you, being able to function in your adopted environment and receive approval, appreciation and encouragement. I even got aroused for you, and by you.

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