I told my wife that I'm really gay.

I have been married for about 12 years now. I recently told my wife that I am gay. She laughed at me and said oh yes your gay. Then we had s**. She said yes your gay. I said that yes I really am gay. But she didn't believe me. I had a friend come over and we both told her that I am gay and then we began kissing in front of her. She just said nice try but I don't believe you. I didn't want to take it any further like actually performing s** in front of her. Yes I do make love to her when she wants. But I much rather be with a man. I admit that I was afraid to have people know that I was gay. Now I don't care about that anymore. I tell people all the time that I am gay. Most believe me. I will still make love to my wife but I need her to know the truth. I feel badly that I used her but she was also getting what she wanted. A man who allowed her to be independent and let her do the things she wanted without all the usual baggage that comes in a heterosexual relationship like jealousy and all that. But now I want to be with my male lover and stay with him. He doesn't like me leaving to be with her. I guess I'm just going to have to leave her and let that be it. I hope she will understand.


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  • So you string your wife along and deceive her and are not man enough to keep your commitments.

  • Awh! Lay off the make him feel sorry he's a puke. No one cares if he wants to play hide the salami with another man. You don't really either. Do you?

  • That wasn't the point. If OP wants to be gay, fine. But, to repeat since reading comprehension seems to escape you, stringing along the wife and now kicking her to the curb is pretty s***** behavior. Gay people don't get a free pass any more than anyone else. If they want equality, fine. That means they get called out for being jerks just as anyone else would. That's equality.

  • Since when have things been equal? Yes it is s***** doing that to his wife agreed. Nobody sticks to their agreements and lawyers help them break them. My own lawyer told me there are no contracts that can't be broken and a way found around them. I was doing so trying to setup a trust for my children. He said if they wanted they could find a way to beat it and get around it. This is our society today. a person's word is meaningless.

  • Yeah why don't you just have a male friend over and then go down on him. That should explain it all. If you need someone to help with that let me know. I'll stand in for you. :)

  • She will understand if she truly loves you.

  • Yep your gay!

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