Spots on my pants

Whenever I get really aroused my c*** leaks precum. it can happen just from kissing a girl or from cuddling up. it also happens when i watch p***. i like the feeling of that wetness in my pants. sometimes I make sure my clock is outside my underpants so it leaves nice wet spots on my pants. I like when its noticed. I was even in the park one day all horned up and watching p*** on my phone and this gay guy comes up and says wow, looks like you are pretty excited and he pointed to the spots on my pants. so we showed each other our c**** and stroked a bit. He wanted to suck me but I wouldn't let him and then we left.

Sep 26, 2020

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  • That last bit of your story is total bollocks and never happened you liar. This place is about confessions and not fantasies. If I saw someone in the park with 'spots' on their pants I would think it was pee as would nearly everyone else. Its total bull that you would be approached like that with comments of 'looks like you are pretty excited'
    Hahaha LOL! Pathetic

  • Reads like a twelve year old wrote. 10 of 10 for effort though!

  • Let him suck you next time! A mouth is a mouth! A bj is a bj! I'm straight, but in my experience gay guys give the best head!

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