Embarrassing thing I like

I feel embarrassed about loving this about my boyfriend.

My boyfriend as an above-average sized D and it’s absolutely incredible. I feel bad because most men don’t have that and other boys I’ve been with that are smaller try just as hard.

I also feel like a s*** for liking his big d. It seems like something only a s** freak would like. I understand “how you use it” is super important but he has both. The sensation is overwhelming and I feel it after.

I normally like blue eyes, but seeing the passion in my bf’s eyes as he fills me up makes my chest drop right now. My friends are so jelious of me and say that they’d date my bf.

Is there something wrong with me or have I hit the jack pot?

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  • Keep thinking that you are so special and then tell that to his next girlfriend cause he will leave you in a heartbeat. you are full of it and guys dont like stuck up girls like you. Use 'em and leave 'em they say.

  • You deserve him so enjoy him...

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