Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

I have read multiple stories on her about steps, Step brothers, Step sisters, Step dads, Step moms and I have all of the above, My mom remarried 6 years ago and my dad 4 years ago, Both of their partners have multiple kids and I am an only child at 16. I have two older step brothers 19 & 22 with moms family and a younger step brother 12 and a slightly older (6 months) step sister with dads family.
I have recently began to feel attracted to one of my older step brothers and my step dad at the same time, I read stories about girls doing stuff with steps and I really enjoy the stories but recently F'ed it all up. My mom was out with friends and my step dad was sleeping, and had gotten home before mom from "Poker night" I assumed he would have been drinking and when I crept into his room he was snoring, I slid my hand under the blankets and found his...yeah, I don't know but it seemed pretty big and I put my hand inside his underwear and fished it out the front thingy and I could feel it get hard, I pulled the covers back and felt myself get wet right then and there and I couldn't stop myself, I started sucking it and got caught, He grunted and put his hand on the back of my head and then pushed forward and then it happened.
He freaked, Pushed me back and I fell on the floor, He sat up and stared at me with his eyes wide and my brain turned to chicken soup, I looked completely retarded sitting against the wall as I started shaking and had an o***** right there. f***, Could life get any worse for me, I came...Sitting against the wall after having my step dads d*** in my mouth, my shorts were all wet in the crotch and he could see my b**** through my see through tank top. I am so stupid I looked up at him and spread my legs showing him how wet I was and lifted my shirt showing him my b****, He looked around and said "Emma...No...Stop that" and I couldn't stop my brain from making me say stupid s***, I think I was still coming and said "I want you Brian" and pulled my shorts aside showing him my p****.
Brian stood up and put his d*** away and grabbed me standing me up, He pulled my shirt down and I grabbed his hand putting it on my b***, He pulled it away and said "Emma...Are you on drugs?" I started to come to my senses and burst into tears, He went and got some shorts on and came back, He held me while I cried and didn't say anything until I spoke. I said I was sorry and he asked me again if I was high, I said no and he had no idea what to do so he told me to go to bed and we would talk the next day.
We did talk and he told me we would just pretend nothing ever happened and move on but I can't stop thinking about it and him.

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  • You caught him off guard. Perhaps, he never thought of you that way or the fact that you're a minor and you could get him in trouble.

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