The day my now ex wife lost her lover boy

I had a feeling my wife was seeing someone on the sly and I was about to divorce her anyway when I heard on the grapevine her lover was going to marry another lady and go to another city a few hundred miles away.

I kept this to myself when she started crying one day and seeming down and low. I told her I knew why she was crying and she looked at me in a frightened way and I told her I knew about her affair and now it was over.

She cried for awhile and then I told her this.

We're through. I'm divorcing you. I can never forgive you for betraying me and I refuse to spend another night with you under the same roof.

She got hysterical as I packed my things saying she was sorry that she loved me and all that idiocy. I felt no pity for her as I loaded my car and drove away.

She kept calling me but nothing she said worked. My lawyer drew up the divorce papers and they were served to her and our marriage was history a month later.

Aug 28, 2016

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  • The best revenge is to go on and have a great life and be happy. A clean break was the perfect way to end your marriage to her. No one would knowingly do something they knew would hurt you if they loved you.

  • I'd have put her over my knee and spanked her then told her she could stay only if she agreed to willingly be my s** slave and cook and clean. Then I'd make her wear skimpy miniskirts all the time and do oral s**.

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